• Chaos

    “Raziel who is Chaos?” I asked him as everyone slept that night “Chaos is a demon just like me except he lives to destroy” replied Raziel

    “Wow, well he sucks” I said

    “But he is a demon that should be taken seriously as he has immense power and can also have people’s souls do his bidding for him due to his sword” he replied once more “ Hmmm it’s getting lighter we should leave now” said Raziel as everyone was just waking up. We decided that we move out of the shop and find a new place by nightfall. “Carlos any movement” I asked as he was the first out the store to check for the re-animated

    “Negative” replied Carlos and then he gave us a signal to move out, for hours we walked but yet no sign of an undamaged building or any place that was not completely drenched in death Just then there was a very distinguished smell that smelt sulphuric that clouded the path in front of us.

    Raziel then took over my body once more as we could see a shadow of something coming towards us “Who wants to die?” called the voice from smoke cloud “Who are you?” Bellowed Raziel as the shadow grew near us. “Well now that voice sounds familiar doesn’t it Raziel?” called the person once more, the voice sounded a lot deeper than that of Raziel’s and from out of the shadows came a grotesque creature with horns and a forked tail with steel like wings that carried a blade as well a really big blade.

    To my surprise the monster that appeared before was Chaos, as the demon drew his sword I knew that it was time to fight “Carlos get everyone to a safe location now” shouted Raziel as he drew his sword also. He then ran up to Chaos with his sword ready to swing Chaos did the same clang! Went the swords as they connected with each other time passed as both demons strikes were blocked by each other “Telecut” roared Chaos as he vanished. Raziel was then looking in every direction waiting for Chaos to strike then out of nowhere as he could strike at anytime, Chaos reappeared behind Raziel for the final blow but he could see Chaos reflection through his sword and blocked it before the attack had hit. Raziel then shouted “Flame sabre” while Chaos was down on the floor, for this attack Raziel douses his blade in gasoline then breathes on it causing the sowrd to be surrounded by fire which he used to take a swipe at Chaos. Then when the megalomaniac got up from the attack he could see that the attack had hit and that Chaos was bleeding green blood from across his face he then said “until next time” and then disappeared into a sea of flames.

    When the flames had died down and Raziel was back in my mind I went looking for the others, I looked everywhere and yet no sign of them I was beginning to think that they abandoned me so continued on my journey to find Wesker. The more I walked the more restless I got so I just collapsed then Raziel’s voice echoed throughout me “You know you shouldn’t give up on your friends so easily”

    “But I’ve searched everywhere and no sign of them” I replied to him “A wise man once said, that there are those that give up on everything, the hearts of the lonely and there are those who keep going and never give up, the hearts of the courageous which one are you?” He said to me. I then thought for a few minutes and continued to walk ignoring him

    At first I didn’t know what Raziel meant so I kept on walking till I could find a place to stay from the night as it crept out of the corner to surround me. When I found a place out of the dangerous streets and nestled inside I heard a voice saying “Don’t eat me please” so I walked into the room that it was coming from and I saw a man crouching in the corner hoping that I had gone. When he looked up saw that I was a normal person and not snarling like as if I was ready to chew him up and make him anew “Who are you?” He asked “I can’t remember my name but people call me 26” I replied

    “Why is that?” He asked again

    “I was the 26 person this experiment in a lab” I said

    “You too then, I escaped from a lab too my guess would be the same lab as you were in” he sighed. I asked him if he has seen any people walking around he said only the infected and if there still alive don’t give up “By the way my name’s Vilnane, it’s what they gave me” he told me as we walked to higher ground “Vilnane do you know anyone called Wesker?” I said

    “Sorry 26 but no I don’t” he replied.

    “It’s ok, let’s sleep so we can get out of here at sunrise

    “Carlos everyone where are you?” I yelled while Vilnane was in a deep sleep.