• Watching him suffer.

    Why are things like this today? I look to my hands, and I can't recognize them. Am I still human...

    Am I still alive?

    Around me, bodies of humans I knew, children, teenagers and adults, are strewn about. Blood is on the walls of this white cell, along with on the ground. I'm sitting in a pool of blood; the smell is invading my nose and there's so much Noise coming from these people.

    Even when I clamp my hands over my ears, I can still hear their anguished cries.

    Who did this?

    I have to watch him regret living.

    This man walks into the room; he doesn't belong here. My senses, they tell me to run. But when I look at his blood red eyes, I can't move.

    "Congratulations," he begins in a voice that chills me to the bone.

    Can you hold me a little longer?

    "You have survived," he continues, distaste in his voice. "I was hoping for more, but I assume you will do."

    I'm scared...

    I know I can't let these memories go... but I can believe it for a little while when you hold me.

    I don't want him getting anywhere near me again. Why am I even here?

    Won't someone answer me?

    I'm too scared to do it. I can't bring myself to end my life.

    It would be too easy, just taking my own gun and shooting myself.

    We're the same that way, brother.

    Was I even ever human in the first place? I can't remember.

    I'm afraid of the answer.

    Even as I reach for the darkness around me, it isn't a secluded Haven. No... this darkness is all-consuming. It grabs my soul and pulls these painful memories in the middle of the night, and allows me to relive them.

    But I can take comfort in your arms, right?

    Even if we're twins?

    No wonder I have difficulty trusting, he tells me now. But the Noise around me, all these Sounds... should they drive me to madness?

    I want to let them.

    Maybe I was mad in the end; maybe that's why he was able to possess me so easily.

    Gods know I won't ever forget the look of her blood on my hands. His friend... I caused this, didn't I?

    You don't know that.

    But it's true, isn't it brother?

    And now, at least I can live through the nights in his arms. He says it's alright, and I believe him. In this lonely Realm, with only the six of us... refuge is hard to come by. My younger brother, he's got the animals. The older one... he's got our parents.

    And my twin and I?

    We've only got each other, right?