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    in an age of dragon wars and in a farm there is a boy of 13 years old his name is nicolas he lives in a farm with his mother .about his father he was a solider in the king's army he daid in a battle against the dark force ( dragon raiders ) burning_eyes and his son in 7 years old when nicolas hear this news he run from his house but he come back with new dream ( to be the biggest warrior in the world and take a revange from the man who's kill his father ) nicolas's mother knows that he have this dream and she is soo worry about her son and she think that her son is going to below his futur but all what she was think about it is her son and she need to make him happy so she need to make his wish come true when nicolas get to 15 years old he join the training to be a solider and he was the best between the boys who was in his age when he grow he was the best solider in the king's army so the king promote him to be a commander one day he was hanging out in the forest he found a big egg he was wondering what was in the big egg maybe a bird maybe something alse soo he take it with him in his home and put it in a mill and he let it alone when he get 22 his mother dai from a heart attack that's make nicolas soo sad and he want to stay alone in the mill he hear something like a animal he said in his mind it's a rat or some thing he close his eyes and he sleep in the mill when he wakes up he find a a red animal with wings he said: what what what is this?!! is this is a dream no this is not what are you? then he try to touch the animal he feel a good feeling and he take him out then he put it in the ground !! this animal is flaying !! it's a bird no it's not omg!!! i think it's a dragon he when he know that the animal is a dragon he train him and he make it an arme to fight the man who kills his father one night nicolas hear something then he wackup he get out from the house !!! where is the mill?!! surprise!!! it's a big dragon omg how he get soo big?? .
    when he get 25 he decide to go to the dark land with his dragon and find the man who kills his father he knows just one information the man he is name is drakath when he get to the dark land he take his dragon in a cave and he go and look for some one to help him to find the man he ask him then he talls him : young man the one who your looking for he is the the biggest evil man in the world and he has the biggest dragon in the world ( drakounose dragon )
    and you can find him in the dark castle nicolas feels so much happy that he is going to fight the man who killed his father but he dosn't understand the part of the biggest evil man in the world and biggest dragon in the world he travel with his dragon to the dark castle the man who talk with nicolas take a dragon and fly fast to drakath to tall himm that some one ask me about you and his name is nicolas .
    ............ drakath feel happy cause it's a long time that he hasn't fight so he take off from the castel and he try to find nicolas after a long time drakath use his dark magic to find nicolas ..... he find him he fly to him nicolas was flying too slow !!!! a fire ball attacks nicolas dragon nicolas try to find who attackes him he tourne his head left then he find a man with a big dragon then they fight for a long time drakath was the winner at all intell nicolas try a move that she will kill him alone without his dragon but she will kill drakath and his dragon this is enough he do the move then kills drakath and his dragon but he fall in the ground and he daid. now the dragon is a free to find a new raider.
    the end.