• He moved so awkwardly like a troubled duck, waddling around. He's built for the water, not the land. His hair curly and bleached blonde from hours spent in chlorine every day after school. He was sweet and kinda when we began on a road that so quickly split. Towards the end of the road he became cruel and sarcastic. He didn't want anything to do with me.
    People say I'm like a cat, quick witted and smart. I love to be affectionate on my own terms, call me what you will, I'm just me.

    After we came back from summer holiday he sent me a message, wanting enter my world once again but not because of love but because of more animalistic reasons and I let him. Just. Like. That.

    The first school dance came thundering around and my awkward little duck no longer wanted the cat but rather her friend an otter, sweet and sincere but with a mischievous undertone. So the duck gave an invitation to the otter and without a second thought she accepted, leaving the cat miserable until...