• My jaw dropped wide open, eyes bulged with shock, taking in what lay in my view.

    Candy land

    Not just any candy land, but my land filled with irresistible and teeth rotting goodness. Everywhere, chocolate filed mountains lay over the horizon. Rows of giant lollipops, hills of assorted flavored ice cream, fluffy marshmallow balls filled the space between the strawberry flavored river and the chocolate mountains. On my right a dark chocolate table, chairs, and eating utensils over the vanilla decked platform.

    Straightening myself out, I carefully walked over the sticky candy grass and made my way to the strawberry river. Crouching down, I dipped my fingers and licked the pink stuff.

    An immediate sweetness filled my tongue. Nice and balanced; not too dull or overly sweet. The taste of the strawberry extract satisfied my growling hunger. I licked my lips, and realized I was dehydrated. I gulped down more strawberry flavor.

    Satisfied, I stood and started looking around. Besides the chocolate mountains, the rest of the area was covered with dense forests that were separated by a blue ocean. I frowned. This side reminded me of some place in the real world.

    My eyebrows furrowed as I thought. Real world, which meant that this, candy land, was nothing but a dream. The realization disheartened me. I wanted to live here: a place free from adults, nobody having to tell me what to do, what to eat. In fact, nobody telling me to do anything, period. Sure it may get lonely, but at least people weren’t causing a ruckus all the time.

    Instead of finding a way out, I found myself sampling and eating other treats. I tasted vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lime, lemon, orange, apple, grape, cinnamon, and nut.

    “Naomi, can you hear me?”

    A faint but steady voice boomed throughout the land. It was female, someone I recognized but could not clearly tell who.

    “Hey Nao, you stupid cat! Come back to us!”

    This time it was a young man’s voice. I gasped. It was Milo! Then reality all clicked together, like an easy puzzle.

    Reality was bad, my kind anyways. In order to save my adorable Ariel from a sneak arrow attack, I jumped and too the hit. The little surprise was the arrow happened to be poisoned, by one of the rare kinds.

    A scream left me, demanding to join with my friends. I just had to see if Ariel was safe.

    “Ariel! Milo! Priscilla!”

    “Naomi!” cried a familiar broken voice “P-please, come back!”

    In a sudden impact, the world turned around, blurring my vision. My chest burst into a sudden explosion of overwhelming pain as my body registered the wound and the shock from it.

    “A-Ariel” I gasped, the wound leaving me breathless ‘You’re all right”

    The last thing I saw was a bright portal, before I fainted into darkness.