• "ASYLUM!!!!! scream " Jake hollered from the shower."GIVE ME BACK MY F****** CLOTHES!"
    "Come out here and get them then since you want them so badly." Asylum retorted.
    "Stop being such a girl Jake and just use your hands to cover your-" Asylum stopped. Jake had came out with a towel off, and was smiling*.
    *Note: Jake's smiling; something that means something in his own psychopathic world so that alone should scare you eek *
    "Hey Asylum I have a theory I want to test, and I want you to help me. twisted "
    "W-what is the theory you have Jake? confused " Jake picked Asylum up by the shirt.
    "I want to see if a person can pass through a wall. I'll count to three okay?Three."
    Jake chucked Asylum into the wall, which Asylum went crashing through and got stuck halfway. A girl then screamed.
    " Asylum you perv!!!! scream "
    "No Shade I can explain!!!!"
    " Oh ******** me, she's pissed." Jake said to himself. He then quickly grabbed his clothes off the floor, then ran back into the bathroom.
    "Jake-boy, where Jake-boy's clothes?" a voice said. Jake turned to see Marry in the middle of brushing her hair.
    "Holy s**t! I uh, gotta- oh ******** this!" he growled, opened the door and sprinted to his room. He shut the door, locked it , and blasted his rock music out of his surround sound stereo. He just finished putting on his pant and his spiked red belt-which he carries a double sided ax on- and was putting on his coat-and yes, he doesn't wear a shirt and he isn't fat!- when there was a knock at his door.
    "Marry come inside Jake-boy room?" Marry asked.
    "Sure." Jake replied, unlocking his door so she may come inside.
    "Play?" Marry asked, crawling towards him. Jake knew what type of play she wanted.
    "Marry, everyone's at home and plus we got school..."
    "No. Maybe later okay?Promise." Jake repiled, kissing her forehead.
    "Jake!!!! Get your a** down here or we're gonna be late for school!!!" Shade screeched from downstairs.
    "Great, another day in hell." Jake sighed