• Silver Blooded

    Vampires. An old legend of so called cold, pale, blood-sucking menaces’ who roam the night murdering and draining the blood of poor humans who stay out to late at night, for all eternity. This myth has gone on for centuries, some say vampires originated from the age old book of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Now vampires are like gods and a type of fashion sense showed off by rebellious teens of goth or a fun new book topic where many books put vampires and humans together as romantic love stories - such as Twilight ( which I’m not a fan of, sorry to those who love it.) but still they are only a myth. That is to those who are not part of the vampire world, those like me, those that live eternally know the truth. Vampires are not just a myth, fashion sense, or book topic , they’re real and we know that and hide it from mortal eyes with all our un-beating, dead, forgotten hearts whither or not we want to. When I read vampire-love-stories-or-whatever books it annoys me that the vampires would want to be human, if I could go back to that blissful world where vampires were only a myth I would turn it away because learning that I was a vampire was painful, horrible, yet wonderful. Without it I don’t think I could’ve survived all these years so I’m happy it happened to me but I guess its their choice. Now I know many of you don‘t understand why I would choose this fate but you‘ll know why after you have read my story of my life.

    Chapter 1

    Dreams. I opened my sea-blue eyes drowsily staring up at the blood-red moon, my short red-black hair a pillow beneath my head.. The cool mist kissing my porcelain-white skin fully awakened me from my deep slumber. I arose from my comfortable patch in the clearing beneath the moon, silver blades of grass clinging to my skin. I let me gaze travel around my surroundings. It was calm, beautiful, sacred - I knew with all my heart that it was a special place - the scenery had the image of darkness. Of evil. Yet it had the essence of beauty. That which should be green defied logic and bore the color of silver, everything else preferred to use the color of red or black except the mist which glowed with a soft ice-blue tint. I absorbed the scene before me letting it imprint itself into my mind. I felt at home - like a place I had not been to in years but loved as a child. A second home. A second world. My eyes slowly closed as if I was shutting a door trying to understand the feelings I felt.