By Nekro
    Chapter 1: The Beginning

    As I crippled down the hall, blood spewed from my wound. My vision began to blur; my breath began to fade. “Sion, hold on” said a voice in the distance. Footsteps ran closer and closer. But I feel, as I have no hope. “I’m dying,” gasping for air on the floor, a shadow appeared. “Hold on please!” shouted the voice. “I can’t…” It all blacked out.
    I couldn’t remember much of that day but I was told.
    A woman with long red hair to her waist seemed to be worried. Passing back and forth waiting for the doctor. “Is he going to be alright?” said the woman. As he walked in the room and observed the charts he said, “Kira, he will be fine,”
    He places the charts back and walks to check me, “Just give it sometime.” With relief she ran to grab my arm, she smiled at the doctor as he left the room. “Sion please wake up, we need you well,” Kira whispered. Months passed and it seemed that I would never wake. What happened that day? Many asked; for what happened was that my twin brother Eric couldn’t hold his jealousy any more. He had the right to be jealous; I took what was meant to be his by right. The eldest son was to be the heir to the throne, even for twins. But Eric was filled with hate and anger to all other races that weren’t like us. He wanted them to be slaves to our people; he wanted it all. My father saw this and feared and eternity of suffering to these races. Demons are immortal and they chose to die, they can be killed but it takes a great deal to knock one down. He feared for them, so he chooses me instead. This angered Eric and made him hate me more. So he attacked me. We fought for days nonstop. I grew tired and weak, so had he but he saw his chance. Beating me with my only weakness was the only way to defeat me. Demons aren’t all alike, each one has their own weakness; my weakness was a sphere. A glass round object could take all my strength and weaken me to the brim of death, its like turning me human. He carried a small glass ball as a bracelet ready to use when he needed it. I should have known.

    I slowly regained consciousness. I could hear a woman on the PA talking, small chattering in the hall, and two people talking near me. “How long has he been in the coma?” said a young white haired boy to Kira. She grabbed his hands and said, “It’s been almost a year now and still no sign.” The boys face turned red in anger, “Where is Eric, He should pay for this!” he shouted. Kira in fear turned around and walked towards the window, “He hasn’t been seen since, he must be hurt bad as well,” tears fell from her eyes, “My two boys fighting for a silly crown!”
    She turned towards the boy. “Find him Kalenko, Find him now and tell me where he is hiding!” Kira shouted. As Kalenko left I tried to stop him but I couldn’t, my body wasn’t fully functional yet. “Hmhmm.. h.m.m.. M…. mm!” I mumbled loudly to him but he did not hear me. Kira heard me and quickly ran to me. “ Sion can you hear me?” she said. I looked at her as I tried to speak, “Mm…m.. Mums..” With joy in her eyes, tears began to fall as she cradled my arm. “Thank the Goddess your alright!” she said out loud. I wanted to tell her, to warn her of Eric’s plot, my mind knew what to say but my mouth did another. It took me two more months to regain movement of my mouth ad body but by then everything was at peace and I forgot.

    A few years passed and it all was still at peace, I felt somewhat bored of this life style. Demons never got to close to humans so I wanted to be the first. I packed my bags and took off. I studied for many years their habits and life styles. Many humans worship others like themselves. Musician, Actors, and many more none royal blood. It puzzled me, why do they worship these low lives’ like themselves. Why give them the glory? So I wanted to be one of them. I chose to be a Singer. I starred down bunch of episodes of Glee and American Idol to learn more. I attended many concerts and watched music videos. “This has to be for me,” I said to my self. “Where to start?” Well they didn’t really say where, but a lot of them started of singing in bars and stuff. In only a few weeks I was discovered and in one month I was already a sensation. I had everything I set my eyes on, women, money, cars. I have it all.

    Years passed and I was in everyone’s mouth “Sion this, Sion that!”
    I was everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. My life as a Demon Prince fell as I grew custom to the human ways. Those old days of fighting monsters, and other demons seemed to be over for me, I grew lazy. I sat near my window seal and gazed at the horizon, “What has become of Eric?” It’s been over 4 years that there has been no word of him.

    “Sion, I love you!” shouting from the crowed all I could hear, many faces so alike. I always wondered if I could tell someone I loved him or her and mean it. If only I found them. Every concert many similar faces. “Will I ever find love?” I said to the crew near me, they all looked and smiled “Sure you will, just keep looking pal!” said the cameraman. I felt confident for a while and I felt, as I must keep looking. As I walked to the stage I could hear the crowed roar. I began to sing but never took my eyes from the crowed. In that moment I saw her, standing near the stage. Her eyes glittered in the light when she stared at me. She stood out from the crowed. I stopped singing for a moment just to see her beauty. She noticed my glare and gave a bashful smile. I said to my self, “she is the one.”
    After the concert was over I ordered every security officer to find her, I even joined the search.
    I needed to find her, to know her name. But it was to late for she had left. I didn’t care if I didn’t get to see her again for now I know such beauty exist. Maybe our paths will cross again one day, till then I will wait.