• Gunners #8 Death Continues
    Hands of Guns

    As she clings to her fist, she holds her comrades as her eyes burn with deep desire for her sake of her comrades
    But hope still remains as they all begin to fly off with their wings onto their next adventure
    Hakuru: looks like that’s all of them
    Yukina: yeah, the police said thanks to us, London can be a more safer place again to be run as a city once more
    Sukya: well if it weren’t for Hakuru’s recklessness, London wouldn’t be saved
    Hakuru: sorry I’ll be more careful next time
    Sukya: you better, besides we don’t even know who we’re up against, we’re not the only strongest group you know?
    Hakuru: yeah I know I’m sorry
    Sukya: yeah yeah, don’t be, you saved them so don’t worry
    Yamota: ah… I think I’m all patched up ready doc!
    Yukina: alright but don’t move too much
    Yamota: yeah I know
    Hakuru: hm….
    Yamota: what’s wrong?
    Hakuru: I’m a bit too stiff, the way I move, the way I attack, I’m afraid that if I keep on using the same techniques, I won’t be able to defeat new opponents who are stronger than me
    Unless I can magic that is to boost up my moral goal
    Hakuru: Kanomi
    Kanomi: oh yeah what is Hakuru?
    Hakuru: you’re a witch right? Can you teach me magic?
    Kanomi: magic?
    Well, yeah of course I can but I’ve been using spells lately so I don’t know if I can use magic
    I haven’t been using magic ever since I’ve joined you, I only spell for attacks but-
    Hakuru: then teach me anything, I want to get stronger to protect all of you, it’s my desire to protect the ones that I hold dear most, teach me what you can Kanomi, that’s all I ask
    Kanomi: well, it’s not easy as you think, it could take a while but, we could go step by step at a time
    Hakuru: that’s great!
    Kanomi: yeah but shouldn’t we start packing up first?
    Hakuru: oh yeah that’s right, when we get to our next destination, can you teach me?
    Kanomi: sure why not!
    Hakuru: thanks so much! I appreciate it!
    Aja: everyone’s leaving?
    Rev: yeah looks like it, hey yo! Give me one them donuts!
    Aja: hm…. I surely don’t want to leave this place but I could close it down for a little while then come back
    Rev: sure go for it, and don’t worry I put up some cool security mechanisms
    Aja: you did?
    Rev: yeah, just in case nobody gets in the ******** way yo
    Aja: and I thought you hated us
    Rev: hey hey, you guys may have killed half of my gang, but I’m starting to try and forget about it yo, there’s no use for me being angry about the past, I’ve already been through a lot of s**t lately, and I’ve already gotten use to it ever since I was young
    Aja: I see….
    More coffee?
    Rev: yeah sure
    Saya packs her things as they all got in the car
    Saya: thanks for letting us stay
    Woman: no problem
    Saya: alright guys lets go
    Lilly: where are we going?
    Saya: going where Hakuru is going
    Kikio: do we have to follow her around?
    Saya: we already took out London’s most fearsome enemy, I don’t want to miss any of Hakuru’s fun
    Besides, this is kinda meaningless though, going around being like you’re some knight of justice like the Demon Knight
    Saya: though, there’s nothing else to do anyway
    It’s better than getting chased by Gunners and Gods
    Come on, let’s get out of here, there’s nothing here to do
    China! Here we come!
    Yamota: YEEHAA!
    Hakuru: Beijing!
    Yamota: look I see the stadium!
    Hakuru: wow….
    Yamota: so how’s it feel Hakuru?
    Hakuru: this is my first time here, I feel… human!
    Yamota: yeah haha! We’re gonna party all night!
    Rizumi: this is beautiful
    V: hey anyone hungry?
    Yamota: yeah I’m hungry as hell!
    Hiyane: there a restaurant we can stop at?
    Yukina: hm… there should be one nearby, hang on I’m gonna land this thing!
    Sukya: man, I wonder how many Gunners we have to face.
    Yamota: hey, if we keep doing this, people will start talking about us! We’ll be famous!
    Hakuru: well I didn’t really came for the fame and all but you could say it like that
    Kanome: well since we’re here, after we eat, I’ll teach you some magic, how about it Hakuru?
    Hakuru: yeah that will be great!
    Fuka: and also, who’s up for a round of poker night?
    Yamota: me! Me!
    Fuka: alright!
    V: looks like everybody is having fun huh?
    Rizumi: yes
    V: hey Rizumi what was your goal when you first joined up with us?
    Rizumi: I had no goal actually, all I ever did was working under the Shinobi Gunners
    I was actually with an actual ninja clan before I joined up with the Gunners
    My clan had the same rituals, though our clans goal was to protect the good from evil, however since the Gunners came, they took over our clan and turned our clan into mass slaughtering machines
    Rizumi: that was until they gave me a task to hunt down Hakuru, though Hakuru’s words saved me, so I joined up with you guys, so I could escape
    I vow to sacrifice myself to all of you
    V: heh, is that so?
    Well, we would really need a ninja like you
    You’re a nice person Rizumi
    Here want some Saki, I brought a lot along
    Rizumi: oh Saki, never knew you would!
    V: well, we’re from Japan anyway
    A demon, a ninja, a witch, a zombie, a skateboarder, a wild west revolver, a scientist, a dealer, a heavy weapon specialist and a bio weapon clone.
    We are all different from each other, and we all look out for each other
    V: this is why we’re a team; nothing can stand in our way unless we work together
    This is why we’re known as The Skull Gunners
    Shion sits on her chair and grips together with her fists, her eyes glowed deep red as her body began to grow into a normal teenager
    Suijo: Shion, sooner or later you’re body is going to stop growing at a normal age of 18, you should stop resisting it
    Shion: you’re right, the more I resist, the more the pain will keep coming back, where is everyone?
    Suijo: their all resting up, we’re all still tired from our fight
    Shion: oh yeah…..
    Suijo: news say that Hakuru and her team defeated a so called gang known as The Satanic World
    Shion: interesting, it looks like I’m missing out on the fun
    Well…. As long as they keep growing strong, I’m glad
    Yamota: dig in baby!
    Hakuru: this is pretty good, not to mention since we haven’t found on single Chinese Restaurant due to closing time, at least we found a Japanese Sushi Train
    Kanomi: want more Saki?
    Hakuru: yeah sure thanks I should really need the alcohol
    Yamota: this sushi train is the best!
    Hakuru: hey past me that octopus ball
    Yamota: here you go!
    Hakuru: thanks
    V: hey guys
    Hakuru: hey V
    Yukina: we parked our helicopter on top of some freaking tower, hope that works out
    Hakuru: should do
    V: yo hand me that Wasabi
    V takes off her mask
    V: what are you guys staring at?
    Yamota: oh, uh… it’s just been a while that’s all
    V: that’s because I have demon teeth unlike you guys, I was born with these besides, I don’t wanna make the myself look bad anyway
    She takes a whole bite out of a sushi
    Asuka drinks a whole of soup as Hiyane eats a lot of deserts
    Hakuru: we’ll keep beating down one enemy at a time, one enemy at a time….
    Yamota: hey don’t you still have that demon helmet with you?
    Hakuru: oh yeah, that’s right
    I wonder what happens if I wear it
    Yamota: hm… I know!
    You might turn into a super woman!
    Hakuru: actually, I might turn into The Demon Knight
    Or maybe a monster
    Hakuru: oh well, I promised to the Demon Samurai that I would keep it safe from anyone no matter what
    Yamota: oh yeah?
    Hakuru: yeah
    Yamota: oh yeah?
    Hakuru: cut it out
    Yukina: oh yeah Hakuru I’ve fixed you’re lucky long shot
    Hakuru: oh cool thanks
    Yukina: I also reloaded the rounds too, and I also fixed the recoil, you can use the Lucky Long Shot any time you want
    Hakuru: I’m glad I have you on the team Yukina
    Yukina: my pleasure
    Oh and also V
    Yukina: I’ve also upgraded you’re 9mm pistols, since you’ve given your most prize possessions to Asuka, I thought I could upgrade the range, the length, size and also the bullets
    V: how much damage can the bullets do?
    Yukina: it can blow off a humans head to pits
    V: I’ll take it
    V puts back her mask on
    V: this is a very nice gun, a nice nice big gun….
    Kinda gives me the turn on for it
    Yamota: hey hey are you getting turned on?
    V: hey in this group everybody gets turned on by their guns, look at Hakuru she even gets turned on her guns too
    Hakuru: do not!
    V: do too
    Hakuru: whatever, I just get carried when I keep killing people, that’s how clones are, we all get excited when we get our orders to kill
    Have I ever mentioned I ever have a half personality mental disorder?
    V: oh wait you usually do that when you start to kill right? It’s like a trigger mechanism
    Hakuru: that’s right
    Suddenly a group of gang members came rushing into the restaurant
    Kanomi: what the?!
    Fuka: who are they?!
    Alright everybody out!
    Yamota: hey man, don’t you see we’re in the middle of our dinner?
    Oooh, so you’re Japanese huh?
    Yamota: yeah, got a problem with that?
    Yamota: well all this hate can’t help….
    Hakuru: excuse me sir, we’re in the middle of our lunch, can you kindly please leave us alone
    Smart mouth you got there girl, maybe I should kill ya-
    Hakuru gets out her Lucky Long Shot and points it at the man
    Hakuru: what you’re seeing here is not a toy, this is a real gun
    It could blow all your friends to bits and you don’t want that to happen
    Trust me, you don’t
    They ran off with fear as Hakuru sat back down
    Hakuru: anyone got a place to crash?
    Rizumi: I think I know a place
    Sukya: man I’m kinda full
    Hakuru: well then that means everyone’s full
    Come on guys let’s go and get some place to sleep
    They ordered a hotel as everybody went to sleep
    Hakuru: …..
    Project Bio #01, you will now begin phase 01
    Training begin!
    Hakuru runs with her M16, she jumps up and throws down grenades and does a barrel roll as she lands on the ground, Urukah15 her most trusted partner takes cover as she fires with her sniper rifle.
    Hakuru runs in and fires with her M16, all targets were shot down as they commence on Phase 02
    Hakuru sits on a chair as Urukah15 does too. They were asked questions
    Bio #01, question 1, what is the goal of this company?
    To destroy all enemies, and protect humanity from destruction
    Question 2: if you were given orders to kill will you question or obey?
    Obey, by all means necessary
    Question 3 if you would risk your life for someone, such as the head of the B.W.F will you do so?
    Yes, for the leader of the B.W.F Company
    You are most excellent Bio #01, now let’s begin Phase 03 now, there is much more work to be done
    Hakuru: …..
    These flashbacks keep coming back, I feel like I might break down soon
    Yamota: can’t get much sleep huh?
    Hakuru: oh sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up
    Yamota: don’t mind me, I didn’t wanna sleep anyway
    Flashbacks again?
    Hakuru: yeah, they’re like nightmares all over again
    Yamota: what did they do to you anyway, just curious
    Hakuru: many things, many things that I didn’t want to do
    They enchacned my strength by using as many drugs as possible
    Even Illegal drugs that a lot of people use
    It made me insane they said it would make me stronger, more faster, and obey any command
    But what they didn’t know is that the drug breaks my mind, and my brain cells
    Making me keep thinking, making me worst
    It also makes me disobey commands
    So the only test they made me to do was
    Kill my own partner Urukah15
    That’s when I went loose crazy, so they put me in a cell and keep giving me drugs
    I scratch myself, I make myself bleed, so I could die from my cell
    Hakuru: I’m just hoping their not doing this to other clones now, I was way too special for the B.W.F, I was about to be promoted to be in the High Elites Squadron, the top Bio weapons
    Yamota: here
    Hakuru: huh?
    Yamota: you should really need a drink, you’re past is really really huge y’know?
    Hakuru: yeah haha…
    Saya: excuse me can I have a room for let’s see
    Nine people
    Yes of course
    Saya: come on guys let’s go
    Kikio: finally I’m pretty damn tired!
    Hakuru walks down the stairs
    Saya: huh?
    Hakuru: what the…?
    Saya: you’re here too?!
    Hakuru: are you… following me?
    Saya: n… no! no no! we were going to China but we never knew you would-
    Hakuru: don’t worry, I already sensed you guys anyway, besides Rev should be coming in right about-
    Hakuru: now
    Aja: hello
    Hakuru: why the hell are we all here exactly?
    Saya: to kill gangs?
    Hakuru: oh yeah…
    Saya: is that black panties?
    Hakuru: yeah I just bought them two years ago and they still fit, what about you I can see that G-string from under there
    Saya: hey what the hell pervert?!
    Hakuru: not my fault
    Rev: so what you guys wanna do tomorrow?
    Hakuru: first, I want to get a drink to get rid of my flashbacks, two I want to kill some bad guys and three I want to go the next country as soon as I can
    Saya: that’s what I was about to do
    Hakuru: you got flash backs too huh?
    Saya: hey Hakuru how’s your right eye?
    Hakuru: oh my eye? The Skull sign is still there, it doesn’t hurt though, I still like to hide it with my hair, what about yours?
    Saya: still the same, even so we cured ourselves we still need to be careful, someday our genes might break down again
    Hakuru: yeah I know Saya, I know
    The next morning as they all got up Hakuru got dressed as she bring all her weapons with her and walks outside
    Ooh, ma’am, would you like me to help you with that large suitcase?
    Hakuru: no it’s okay; I can handle on my own
    She walks out of the hotel as she finds notes and signs
    “Beware of the Dragon Gang”
    Hakuru: well that’s one gang I can shoot down
    Hey you missy, you’re in our territory
    Hakuru: you part of the Dragon Gang?
    Yeah and we don’t like you people here, unless you wanna join with us, come on let’s have some fun
    Hakuru knees him in the gut and palms him in the nose
    Hakuru roundhouse the other guy and elbows him in the jaw
    Hakuru then picks up the man
    Hakuru: take me to your boss
    Hakuru: Kanomi?
    Kanomi: Hakuru why did you skip you’re lessons?
    Hakuru: oh we were supposed to do magic?
    Damn, sorry I got too carried away so I thought I could investigate
    Kanomi: more like going in and trying to kill yourself!
    Hakuru: sorry
    Kanomi: well it’s okay, where you heading?
    Hakuru: I’m trying to ask this guy
    Man: ah….
    Hakuru finds a map in his pocket
    Hakuru: this must lead to his gang, well time to kill some people
    Kanomi: you seriously love killing don’t you?
    Hakuru: if I don’t , my personality and mind will start breaking down and will start moving by itself, not to mention I might go crazy
    Leader: so you want to do business with me?
    Why yes…..
    After all we will give you power than any other….
    Leader: what was your name again?
    Medusa: tell you what, you give me that bio weapon, I’ll give you all the Dark Crystals you want, how about it man?
    Leader: why is this…. “Bio weapon” so important to you?
    No one can open it
    Medusa: well I can, the bio weapons are controlled by the B.W.F Company, these bio weapons can rip a man in two just by using their bare hands. Their beautiful too, once they lock onto you you’re dead
    Leader: then open it
    Medusa: really? If I did all of you are dead
    There’s a reason why the B.W.F locked this one up
    And I know
    Leader: and whys that?
    Medusa: because she is a berserker
    Most clones are on lock down these days because they are berserk
    If they cannot be controlled they must be on lock down no matter the circumstances even by death
    Medusa: but if you really want me too I guess I could heh….
    Medusa uses her powers and unlocks the chamber
    Smoke begins to flow out of the tube as the clone awakens
    Medusa: Special Bio #01, she has been designed to be just like Hakuru
    Leader: she is… beautiful!
    Medusa: Bio #01, order initiate, destroy
    Bio #01: Initiating Combat Blade.
    Leader: wha… what?!
    Medusa: sorry man, but our Organization was built to destroy people like you
    Any last words before she decapitates you?
    Leader: I… I…. this is an outrage!
    How dare you betray us?!
    Medusa: actually, you were the one that killed one of our comrades, so I think you were the one that betrayed us, we’re now enemies, and besides our leader was really really pissed off at you
    Like really pissed, so she sent me to finish the job anyway, aww look isn’t that cute? She’s also eating some of you’re men
    I forgot to mention
    All clones are cannibals
    Leader: wha… wha!!!!
    The Leader’s men were all slaughtered as the blood was covered in walls, she also drew pictures like a child
    She walks up to him as the man fires his gun at her, no affect got to her
    Medusa: so how do you like it? She’s perfect right!
    Leader: no! st… stay away!!!!
    She rips his arms off and began to beat him up with the two arms, then rips off his legs and limbs as she takes out his ribs and stabs him in the eye
    Medusa: hahah!! Ahahaha!!!!
    This is excellent! Wonderful indeed!
    Medusa: hm let’s give you a name
    I wonder what it shall be….
    Haruko Hisako
    Medusa: it’s perfect right… Haruko?
    Oh that’s just ******** great!
    Hakuru: you’re here huh?
    Medusa: oh hey looky here! This is my new friend Haruko!
    Hakuru: a clone…?
    That’s a…
    No way
    Hakuru: did you steal that?
    Medusa: no, it was just shipped from these guys, they just want to know how to open it, guess like they didn’t know what hit em
    Hakuru: her name is Haruko right?
    Medusa: right?
    Hakuru: Haruko listen to me, there’s more than just killing, don’t kill people who haven’t done wrong, don’t kill any good people
    Please don’t harm any good people
    Hakuru: let’s go Kanomi
    Kanomi: huh? We’re going to fight them?
    Hakuru: Medusa already taken hold of her, there’s no use for me trying to talk into this
    Medusa: don’t worry I’ll take gooood care of her, besides the Unknown will teach her many things
    Hakuru: …
    Tell her, after I’m done beating every gang member around the world, I’ll come after her next
    It’ll be a rematch
    Medusa: hmph, I see
    Come on Haruko let’s get you some clothes
    Hakuru: ?!
    Haruko: am i…. you?
    Hakuru: …. Well you were designed to be like me I guess
    Haruko: what is my purpose?
    Hakuru: hmm…. Not much, but
    Just keep living on
    Hakuru: just try not to die too easily, you’re a clone like me, the only thing you should do now is keep fighting, protect people that cannot fight themselves, either way since you were just gotten out of your cage, it’s better if you should go and educate
    Hakuru: Medusa, send her to an educational school
    Medusa: wait what?!
    Hakuru: hey I went to school, that made me understand more in this world, she should too, it’s best that you shouldn’t teach her how to kill people, not ot mention the life her and I been through
    Or either way, you can be her teacher
    Medusa: n-no way!
    Hakuru: well whatever, unless The Unknown can, unless she has ever been to a school
    Hakuru: look get Haruko some clothes, give her a-
    Haruko: green jacket, black pants, a blue and white cap and black gloves
    Hakuru: ?
    Haruko: I have memories like you, so there’s no reason for me to go to school, there are memories I have about you, it’s all making sense the more I get close to you, the more memories come in to me
    It’s confusing me, I may need time alone, no….. I kinda need…. A
    Medusa: come on Haruko, let’s go and get some rest
    Hakuru: well, Haruko just don’t die okay?
    Medusa: and where are you going?
    Hakuru: going to kill another gang club, hope you didn’t kill that off
    Medusa: heh
    Hakuru: also I gotta pay a visit with Onimaru, I just hope he hasn’t been building anymore replica’s of me
    Medusa: actually this is the last one, since Kurai was just a prototype, they finally built another model which was Haruko, Haruko has the same abilities as you when you were a bio weapon, bio cells, bio power and its own mind
    Besides look at the date of it’s birth on the tube
    Hakuru looks at it
    Hakuru: 15/05/10?!
    Medusa: yeah this was one year ago, look at her, she’s a perfect model right? they even gave her the finished touch of the 30mm Artillery weapon, it’s perfect isn’t it?
    Hakuru: a finished touch…?
    Medusa: the Lucky Long Shot you call it, Is the 4th generation right? unfortunately all those generations are prototypes, but can still pack a punch in any armory, they finally made a new one in 2010, though this weapon was the fully finished project, the Mark V
    Hakuru: Mark V huh? What does it has, the same as the Mark lV?
    Medusa: yeah but it has a camera, stronger shells, stronger bullets and not to mention, it has a homing missile
    Hakuru: a homing missile? What the hell?
    Medusa: crazy right?
    Haruko: I appreciate it if you can stop grabbing onto my cheeks Medusa
    Medusa: oh come on you’re sooooo perfect!
    Haruko: I’m not perfect; I’m only a clone, just as you and her
    Hakuru: she can even talk like me too, well I’m off, I don’t care if she has better weapons than me
    I’m going to kill, that’s all
    As Hakuru walks out of the door she orders a taxi
    Kanomi: which gang member are we suppose to-
    Hakuru: well let’s see I hear the dragon gang has four districts; this was the 1st district, now I need to kill the 2nd
    They got leaders that lead the districts; all four of them lead the gang
    They got off to the 2nd district as Hakuru pulled out her two 9mm pistols
    Hakuru: time to rock n roll
    Kanomi: I’m with ya
    Hakuru: Kanomi take care of the guards, I’m going on a full on assault
    Kanomi: gotcha
    Kanomi hops onto her flying sniper rifle as she flies off straight into the building she fires out Firaga and Skull Warp
    Hakuru: time to shed some blood!
    Hakuru runs in at full speed and fires all her bullets, then she throws her pistols up in the air and throws her clips. The clips successfully went inside of the pistols as Hakuru catches them, Hakuru does a barrel roll and throws two grenades and fires both of them at the guards
    Leader: report!
    Men: ah! There are two girls!
    Two girls?! Then take care of them!
    Men: but sir, they…. They already reached the 6th floor!
    Leader: what?!!!
    Men: oh no they just reached the 10th floor now!
    Leader: what is happening?! Aren’t the guards there?!
    Men: they…. They all dead sir!
    Wha…. No… no please! I have a family!
    Then show me your wallet
    Wha… what?
    Prove it to me that you have a family
    n… AHHH!
    Hey, unfortunately that guy was a total p***y
    Hakuru: listen, you’re head is mine, okay? You’re going to be begging for mercy, begging for your life, I want to hear you squirm like a pig, I bet you are anyway, I want you to ******** beg, beg like a dog
    Okay? I really appreciate it if you do anyway, because I love it when men beg
    Hakuru slams her foot onto the man’s head as it exploded into a gash of blood
    Leader: n…. contact the rest of the districts!
    Men: yes sir!
    Leader: where’s the chopper?!
    Men: follow me sir!
    Leader: I can’t let her get me! I can’t!
    Kanomi: wow that was one heck of a threat you gave him
    Hakuru: I wouldn’t say it was a threat, I was just trying to get him to wet himself, you know how people piss themselves when I try to finish them off
    Men: AAAH!
    Hakuru fires a bullet into the men’s heads
    Kanomi: Blizaga!!!!
    Hakuru: looks like we’re almost there!
    Hakuru shoots down the door as she sees a helicopter
    Leader: quick! Hurry!!!!
    Men: I’m trying sir! But, it won’t lift off!
    Leader: what?!!!
    Kanomi had her hand on the ground as her ice magic made the helicopter stuck to the ground
    Kanomi: sorry about that, but you’re not going anywhere
    Hakuru: wow I really want to learn you’re magic Kanomi
    Anyways, come out pig, me a man and die like one
    Hakuru walks up to the man but unfortunately the man took out his gun and fired it at Hakuru’s head
    Man: haha….. yes! Die you ignorant b***h!
    Kanomi: um… mister, I think you made her mad
    Man: what?!
    Hakuru gets up on her feet as the bullet sticks out of her head and falls onto the ground, her bullet wound to the head begins to heal as she activates one of her right eye with a skull emblem on it
    Hakuru: pig, you just got me pissed off
    Skull Blast
    The huge explosion destroyed the helicopter and the roof top
    Kanomi: uh-oh….
    Hakuru: s**t I over did it
    Kanomi: come on Hakuru hop on!
    Hakuru: right ahead of you Kanomi!
    Hakuru hops onto Kanomi’s flying sniper rifle as they fly off to the next district
    3rd Leader: damn! Two districts has been destroyed!
    4th Leader: calm yourself down, whoever this gang is we must stop it from destroying you’re district
    3rd Leader: I know! Those damn Snake Gunners were supposed to help us! I knew I shouldn’t of trusted them!
    4th Leader: look just get yourself out of there if you don’t this unknown gang will kill you just like they did to them
    3rd Leader: gah damn it!
    3rd Leader: what?! Who the the ******** could that be?!
    4th Leader: like I said, get out of there quickly
    Hakuru: just keep going up Kanomi! I can smell the fear in him!
    Kanomi; wow aren’t we in a hurry?!
    Hakuru: yeah well, I actually just want to get this job done and then head onto the next country!
    Kanomi: FIRAGA!
    As they are on Kanome’s flying sniper rifle, they kept on flying up straight to get onto the top floor as they fired the top ceilings to get through the floors
    Meanwhile on the roof
    3rd Leader: “huff” “huff” hurry!
    The pilot turns on his engines but suddenly the roof exploded
    Kanome flies up as Hakuru jumps off and lands on the ground as she points her gun at the man
    Hakuru: end of the line punk. Do me a favor and beg like a pig
    3rd Leader: YOU!!!!!
    The guards from the helicopter runs out and points their guns at Hakuru but Kanome flies around back to the roof and fires two shots to the men’s head and lands on the ground
    Kanome: that should be the last two
    Hakuru: all there’s left is the fat guy
    She begins to whistle to the pilot
    Hakuru: oy! I know you were just hired by this gang! Get your a** out of here or for I’ll make some Chinese Dumpling Stew out of ya!
    Pilot: ah… yes ma’am!
    3rd Leader: hey! You! You come back here right this instant!
    Hakuru: now…. Beg….
    Beg pig beg!
    3rd Leader: n… never! Never I say! NEVER!
    Hakuru: too bad
    She shoots his d**k off
    3rd Leader: AAAH!
    Hakuru: Kanome freeze this guy!
    Kanome: got it
    3rd Leader: gah… AAH! Ah-
    Hakuru: good
    She grabs the frozen head of his and puts it in the bag
    Kanome: are we really the good guys here?
    Hakuru: we are, I just do it my way, what? You want me to wear a cape or something?
    Kanome: haha! No not really, I just enjoy freezing people now
    Hakuru: come on, one more district and we’re going onto the next country, also don’t worry about teaching me magic, I just figured out something
    Everybody has their own unique style, I’m strong enough already, I think, I like to handle my own fights the way I fight even if it gets tougher
    Thanks for coming with me Kanome
    Kanome: hey sure no problem, it’s what friends are for, just like back then when we were back in High School
    Hakuru: heh, yeah
    4th district
    Medusa: so as I was saying
    “join” us, and we’ll make a good deal
    We’ll take care of your damage bills, insurances, weapons
    Anything, as long as you work for us
    4th Leader: how do I know you’re not… one of them
    Medusa: one of “Whom?”
    4th Leader: the ones that have attacked all of the three districts
    Medusa: oh my how terrible
    That is so, so terrible
    4th Leader: if I work with you, will I be able to make it out of alive?
    Medusa: heh, that’s your own problem, you see my leader who is the “boss” can’t grant that responsibility, she is such a busy busy woman, and if you nag her a lot then your own your own.
    Every person has to deal their own problems, but like I said, you work with us, we’ll take care of your profit, the weapons, and also a new head quarters
    4th Leader: what is the so called group that I am joining in?
    Medusa: it has no name of itself, also nobody knows the bosses name she is only known as The Unknown, only her top most trusted people know her name which are only nine people
    And I’m part of the nine people
    Medusa: and don’t even think about sending in a spy, that will do you no good
    And even if you follow me, I won’t even lead you to the boss because I only come up to her if she needs me
    And if we ever see any betrayals
    Then we cannot guarantee you’re life
    We’ll exterminate you like a bug
    Medusa: we already cooperated with Japan, India, Russia, Germany, Italy, Thailand and most other countries too
    However with London there’ve already been exterminated by “them”
    4th Leader: could it be the ones that attacked the three districts?
    Medusa: yes, I’ve faced them before though
    4th Leader: you did?
    Medusa: yeah, she’s quite powerful, powerful and just like me
    And also my boss also likes her too
    Medusa: she’s special, like me; there are times when people have a dark past
    They say people with a dark past are quite most powerful
    4th Leader: what was that?!
    Medusa: my such perfect timing
    4th Leader: quick there is a chopper just in the roof we can-
    Medusa: Haruko dear.
    Haruko grabs the 4th Leader and uses her arms to grab by his neck
    4th Leader: GAH! What is the meaning of this Medusa?!
    Medusa: haha, you think I’d actually let you be part of the group old man?
    4th Leader: wait! You said if I work with you! You could-
    Medusa: ahahaha! No way you stinking old b*****d!
    My boss ordered me to exterminate you, you know why?
    Because you helped that guy from the 1st District!
    4th Leader: gah… wait what?!
    Medusa: that friend of yours from the 1st District knew of our group, he feared that could have all of the mafia’s in our Organization so that we could control all of the world and it’s riches sources
    So he decided to use one of our group and tried to take some information of them
    Unfortunately they refused so, that old ******** killed one of our friends
    Medusa: and you helped them
    4th Leader: but he said they were just some other group from the-
    Medusa: oh ******** you’re excuses! God! I hate it when people say lies!
    Well it’s your own damn fault anyway!
    Medusa: ahaha! Besides once we kill you, we’ll kill the rest of you’re men
    4th Leader: you ******** b***h!
    I hope you ******** rot in hell you stinking sl-
    Medusa: Haruko….
    Medusa clicked her fingers as Haruko cracks open his neck and rips it open, she then throws his head to the window
    Haruko: orders
    Medusa: kill every last single men in the tower, no mercy, don’t let them escape, initiate extermination
    Haruko: understood orders engaged
    Haruko grabs out her knife and runs through the door
    Medusa sits down and grabs a wine of champagne as she opens it and drinks it
    Medusa: haha….. ******** I love this job
    I wonder if I’ll get a promotion, heh oh well at least I get to pay back my debt for her
    Hakuru: huh?
    Kanomi: what’s wrong?
    Hakuru: damn! We’re too late!
    Kanomi: what do you mean too late?
    Hakuru: somebody already called him before us!
    Kanomi: but how?!
    Hakuru: Medusa….
    Kanomi: what? The yellow haired girl?!
    Hakuru: she’s going down once I find-
    A man’s half body was flying over to the wall as it passes Hakuru and Kanomi. The body was slammed to the wall as it falls down
    Hakuru: Haruko…
    Haruko: ….
    Hakuru: I guess you already killed them all, let me guess, you’re choice was to work under Medusa now?
    Haruko: initiate orders, extermination
    Hakuru: so you’re orders were to kill on sight.
    Well then…
    Haruko runs in as Hakuru throws a punch but Haruko disappears as she was behind her in the air and kicks her
    Hakuru: ah!
    Kanomi: Hakuru!
    Hakuru: *she’s fast! Not only she was designed to move like me! But they enchanted her strength, speed and mobility!*
    Not to mention it’s like she can predict what moves I’m about to make!
    Haruko: initiating right arm to 110%
    Haruko slams in a right hook and blasted a full power wave against Hakuru’s face, she then was flying to a wall smashing five walls
    Hakuru: ah… “huff” “huff”
    Her head was bleeding as she got up
    Hakuru: not bad kid
    Not bad at all
    Hakuru: you could beat a Gunner someday I can tell you that
    Hakuru unleashes a dark portal scattering eel eaters behind Haruko
    Haruko: !
    Haruko steps back and get sout her Artillery Mark V gun
    Hakuru: damn that gun packs a punch even to my powers
    I’m starting to admire her
    Hakuru: looks like I got no time to fight her though, I’ll let this slide through, Kanomi! Slow her down while I go find Medusa!
    Kanomi: me?! But-
    Hakuru: just slow her down! Don’t try to beat her!
    Either way get yourself out of here if you can!
    Kanomi: but Hakuru! Oh!!! Fine then!
    Even if you look like Hakuru I can’t let you start hurting her!
    Haruko: Initiating 110 percent strength
    Haruko slams both of her fists to the ground as she grabs the floor and throws it at Kanomi
    Kanomi: here we go!
    As Hakuru runs up to the stairs, she grabs out her two pistols and rolls to the ground to the door
    Hakuru: Medusa!
    Medusa: ah Hakuru, would you like some champagne? It’s quite delicious
    Hakuru: I prefer Saki
    Medusa: hmph, so you like my new toy?
    Hakuru: Haruko is not a toy you can play with Medusa, you were a clone like me weren’t you?
    Medusa: of course
    We were born in the same year Hakuru
    Hakuru: in the same year?
    Medusa: yeah, on that same year The Unknown saved me
    She taught me how to survive, how to adapt, how to fight
    She taught me her ways in the world
    Medusa: that day I gave a vow that I would sacrifice my life for her, so I could repay that debt
    What about you though? She gave you a nick name didn’t she?
    The Death
    Medusa: oh please Hakuru they weren’t even you’re real mother and father and your sister
    Hakuru: SHUT UP!
    You don’t know anything how much it hurts for something you lose precious to you!
    If she hadn’t killed them! I would of lived happily with them!
    I would have had a normal child hood like a normal human being!
    Hakuru: SHE KILLED THEM!
    She did it because I had to replace her to protect this world! But for what?!
    The cycle keeps on going and going Medusa!
    Hakuru: I was put in that facility for the past nine years!
    How much longer were you in your own cell for?!
    Medusa: heh, five years, I was saved by Medusa in that year, what the hell did they do to you anyway?
    Hakuru: they tried to break my mind apart!
    They tried to erase anything precious to me! My partner! My family!
    They took everything from me! They even tried to paralyze me so that they could replace them with new parts!
    I was about to be their own puppet….
    And you want to do the same thing to Haruko?
    Medusa: it’s to make her s-
    Hakuru: don’t’ give me that bullshit! You’re acting like her now!
    Hakuru: this is serious Medusa, death continues because we’re the ones that’s causing it
    I’m the one that’s causing it!
    Medusa: no Hakuru! “They!” are the one’s causing it!
    Hakuru: THEN WHO THE ******** IS?!
    Hakuru: the only answers I can get are from The Unknown
    The one who has killed my family
    Hakuru: I have to know my answers
    Medusa: the nfight
    To know you’re answers you have to keep fighting
    Medusa takes out her sword
    Medusa: well Hakuru?
    Are you prepared to fight? Are you prepared to die?
    Hakuru: fine then if I have to keep fighting then so be it!
    Medusa unleashes the blades from her elbows which were attached to her arms as she fires out a large yellow beam
    Hakuru does a butterfly vortex and dodges it as she fires two of her 9mm pistols
    Medusa: yes! Fight! Keep fighting!
    Medusa: to know all of your answers you must keep pushing onwards!
    Hakuru: SENFUKEN!
    Medusa: The Unknown will still be waiting for you!
    Who do you trust Hakuru?
    Medusa: you’re friends? Or us?
    Who do you believe?
    Why do you fight?
    Didn’t you have the answer already?
    Hakuru: I fight to protect my friends!
    Why do you kill?
    Hakuru: to stop this madness who hurt others!
    Aren’t you the madness itself?
    Hakuru: then I’ll fight my own madness!
    Then who do you trust?
    Hakuru: I trust my friends!
    and what do you believe in?
    All I can know is that if I keep fighting I’ll still be alive!
    If I’m still alive this cycle will keep going and going!
    I have to end this cycle but killing the madness!!!!
    Medusa grabs her hands as they both stop fighting Hakuru was tired as she was huffing up close to her with her eyes wide open with madness
    Medusa: then there you go…. You’re answers have already been revealed
    Medusa lets go
    Medusa: that’s how my boss got her answers, the more you fight, the closer you’re answers will be revealed
    It’s all easy Hakuru
    It’s all easy…..
    To be continued
    Next Chapter: #9 Starting New Ways