• Click, clack, click, clack, went the white horse. There was a man wearing a sombrero--white with a bit of yellow in it. One could say it was a very light, pale yellow with a little glow to it. The man was wearing an orange, skin-colored shirt. Owen, the man, named the horse Cream, because of the creamy white coat it had. He had gone on an adventure to find his grandfather that he always thought of and picture in his head.

    He first traveled to the river, for he would need a supply of water to drink along the way. While he was there, he found a woman with a yellow blanket over her and a stone bridge. The woman just lay there, as still as a hibernating bear with her eyes closed pretending to be asleep. Well, she actually was sleeping... until she heard the horse's hooves pounding on the ground, but she was too exhausted to greet them or even see who it was! Therefore, instead of her finding them, Owen found her first.

    He went to her on the horse and dismounted. Then he asked her what she was doing there. She replied between yawns saying she skipped happily away from her village not too far away from here to find some fruit for her family and got lost. Owen just nodded and asked if she would like to come along with him to search for her village.

    She replied with an excited,"Okay!" She then added,"My name's Tammy. You can just call me Tam though! What's your name?"

    "My name is Owen, as for the horse, his name is Cream," he explained.

    Owen helped her up on the horse in search of her village and his grandpa. They crossed the bridge together, starting two adventures.

    Owen and Tammy, or Tam, traveled to many places before they arrived at the village on Cream. Both of them became great friends from traveling for days in search of the village.

    They finally came to the village and had to say "good-bye" to each other. The village contained many colorful varieties of fruit. Everything was yellow, orange, red, green, pink, and other brilliant colors! It was the most beautiful village Owen had ever seen. Despite the fact that he wanted to stay here, he had to look for his grandfather.

    Owen departed, and he continued to travel until his horse got tired. When Cream could no longer travel, because he got tired of carrying his owner, they would sit down or lie down and rest. Sometimes he would just walk on foot without Cream and come back to where they rested. Though, as days passed on, he could never find his grandfather. One day, he decided to give up searching, for he had searched the whole state by walking on foot and riding on horse.

    Five years had already passed. He decided to just quit and move to an old house and stay there. He went to a house in a rural area where one could see stars at night, billions of stars! When he got to the rural area, he thought he saw an old man standing, and rubbed his eyes. The old man disappeared.

    "Mysterious," he though.

    Anyway, he just went in the old house and left his horse in the room right next to his. He allowed Cream to just sleep there. Owen went to his own room, lied down on the bed, and slept for a very long time, for he had not rested for a whole week now. He woke up twelve day later and led a normal life without ever finding his grandfather, doing normal things that everyone else did, or rather still do.

    What he never knew was that his grandfather had been right next door, but he thought it was just a frail, old man that looked quite similar to his grandfather.