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    Rizuki's expression had completely changed, instead of the cold side he had shown he was now concerned. He quickly rose to his feet despite the fact that any movement for him now was difficult because of the smoke he had inhaled before. The headache he had once had had now been clouded over by the surprise that his long lost childhood friend had reappeared. He stumbled until he had entered the stream, then he had fallen, soaking himself clear to the bone but he didn't seem to notice or mind. "Maria... My dearest Maria," his hands were shaken as was his body but not by the cold but by shock. "Why did you never return here?" He stood before her and the emotions he had built up and pushed aside over years were surfacing. "I came here every day, waiting for you, waiting to see my best friend and you never showed! Why? Why did you never come back after that day I got caught here?"
    "Rizuki," she looked up to met his eye, the softness behind them burning into her soul. She smiled lightly before raising her hand and before he knew it she slapped him a crossed the face. "Is that really a valid question?!" When he turned back to look at her confusion was the only thing that showed in his expression. "You cannot stand here, think about all the beautiful memories we had a children and then ask such a ridiculous question!" Tears formed at the crease of her eye and once she blinked they fell, dropping into the slow moving stream causing ripples in the water. "You killed them... You killed my family! And you wonder why I never returned to this horrid place? The place that inevitably ruined my life!" She pushed him backwards, into the water. Surprise written on his face as he held himself above water with his hands, still staring at the woman before him.
    "What is this you speak of? I have not killed a man in my life, I have never stepped foot into your kingdom, never laid eyes on your family! How could I have killed them?" He stood, now more drenched than before. His hand was bleeding from a sharp rock that he had caught on to, to hold himself up and after a moment drops of blood were falling into the stream causing ripples just as her tears had.
    "You might not have been the one to slaughter them but you sent those guards to do it for you! They told me so themselves! They spoke of how you ordered them to kill off my family so that I had no more ties to my kingdom and that I could go live with you in the palace. However you might kill off someone's family but you cannot kill off their loyalty!" The confusion only seemed to grow and his expression showed that. When Kira actually took the time to see how he was reacting something inside her jumped at the possibility that what the guards had told her were not true but she refrained from showing that, showing her weakness.

    So I can start to begin again.