• My bare feet hit the wet pavement with dull thuds, as I sprint down the road running from..from what exactly? The shadows? The man? The fear that's slowly creeping into my body like some criminal? I'm not sure (it's probably all of them) all I know is that I have to run. I have to get away.
    "Don't run sweetheart."
    His voice drips over me like acid burning my skin, freezing my heart, making my blood run ice cold.
    "No where to run. No where to hide."
    His voice echoes off the walls of my mind as I run faster, faster, desperately trying to get away before the darkness engulfs me.
    The world slows down as I lose my footing and fall against the cold, hard ground. I see him from where I lay unable to move, walk slowly over to me. A wicked smile decorates his cruel face, as he kneels next to me, stroking my hair with his rough hand.
    "There there sweetheart, no need to cry."
    I never noticed the tears streaming down my face.
    "Everything will be alright. Just relax."
    He rolls me onto my back so that I'm facing the sky, staring at the moon and stars.
    "You're not going to make a sound, are you?"
    I involuntarily let out a small whimper, which causes him to slap me.
    "Now you're not going to make a sound, right sweetheart?"
    I say nothing.
    "That's better."
    He crawls on top of me, pinning me to the ground so that I can't do anything, except make a wish to the stars for a quick death...