• “Freedom is not worth having if it isn’t free.” Gandhi said that.
    My friend was an Untouchable; I was in the upper class. We were worlds apart, yet we were stuck like glue. But just talking to him would cost me, my status, my wealth, and maybe even my life.
    But why? He could not help being poor, yet he was pushed down. Just as I could not help being pushed up, because my family had wealth. I thought to myself, how is this fair?’ Why is it that we push others down just because they are poor? They cannot get ahead, it is forbidden. They cannot fall any farther behind, they have nothing to lose.
    The question remains unanswered to this day. But maybe I have seen the truth. Maybe I have found culprit for all evil in the world, all suffering, all pain, all sadness.
    Perhaps it is just human nature. Greed, lust, gluttony, pride, envy, wrath, and sloth, the seven deadly sins, all entirely human. The greed for power and money, the gluttony for only the finest of foods and taking it away from those who need it most, the envy of the lower classes wanting everything that the upper class has, the wrath stored deep inside our hearts that compels us to get revenge, and the simple laziness to acknowledge the those lower than us, and help them up so we may all stand equal and fair.
    I have wondered this for many years, and have only discovered the truth now. And I understand now that perhaps, we just never think to take a step back and look at all the evil in the world. Step back and look at all the horrible things we have done, to look at humanity and realize all the horrible things we have done. We are too caught up in our everyday lives, picking out that dress, doing that essay for that project, telling our friend that fun thing we did on the weekend. Too busy to realize the suffering the rest of the world is going through.
    So I ask you this. Why?