• Language Warning!

    "I told you to get the Nidoking," a man said. "Not this....monster." he watched as Ferrovax roared and thrashed, inside the containment area. He slammed his head against the reinforced glass, unable to make a single crack in it.

    "She wouldn't go for it. She's not giving him up." another guy said. It sounded like one of the men who took Ferrovax.

    "Hm." the first man grunted. He looked like he was some kind of scientist, only slightly mad. "I suppose he'll do, then." They watched as the dragon continued to trash about, waiting for him to tire himself out. He slammed against the glass one final time, and slid down, letting out a soft growl. "About time. Get him fully restrained. Can't have anything go wrong, during the transformation."

    Ferrovax was restrained, unable to move. Men and women, presumably scientists, were hooking all sorts of wires to him. What was going on? The last thing he remembered, he was in the Pokemon League, now all these people were connecting wires to him and poking him with needles. They all left him, and had the room once again tightly secured. He was alone, again.

    Then there was pain. Oh god, the pain. There was a flash of lights, and he let out a near-deafening roar. He tried struggling to get free, but all he could do was try to endure it. There was so much pain...and then blackness. Everything went black and quiet and cold. Then it got white, and the noises buzzed in his ears. Then everything blurred, and the talking of the scientists sounded more like drunken slurring. He wobbled, unable to stand. The light was blinding. The noises were so loud that they might as well been screaming.

    Ferrovax fell to his hands and knees. Wait. Hands? Knees? "What....did you do, to me..." he said, in a quiet, but very deep voice, laced with a British accent. He spoke Human, now? "What's going on?" he thought to himself. He was tired. He hurt. The light and the noises made his head pound. He fell to the floor, his entire body screaming in pain.

    He awoke in a room. Great. More bright lights. He shielded his eyes from the blinding lights, with his....hands? So it wasn't a dream. He wiggled his fingers. He had also apparently been clothed in an all-white shirt and pants. What the hell was going on? He sat up. His head screamed at him. "nnngh!" he growled, holding his head.

    "He's awake!" one man shouted a lot louder than Ferrovax would have liked. "Blasted humans...." Ferrovax growled. He slid back into his bed. His head hurt. He was hungry. Confused. He just wanted to go home.

    The door slid open. "Awake, I see." a man said. He recognized the voice. "You can call me Dr. Blackstone. How are you feeling? Can you...speak?"

    The former dragon didn't look at him. "What did you do, to me?" he said, quietly. "Oh, good." he began writing something, in his notes. "I said," Ferrovax growled. "What the [********] did you do, to me?" he shouted, jumping out of his bed, and seizing the man by the collar of his shirt. "NNNGH!" he growled, grabbing at his head.

    "Easy," Blackstone said, trying to keep him from falling down. "Easy, CT." CT? Oh, right. Corpse Taker. They must not know his real name. For the better. Ferrovax was a stupid name. He sat back on the bed. "What....what's going on? Where am I? Why....why am I...."

    "Human?" The doctor finished. CT nodded. "You were the first of a breakthrough experiment, in which we're able to transform Pokemon to humans. Looks like it didn't turn you 100%, though." he said, noting CT's purple-streaked hair, obsidian black eyes, and magenta pupils. "Why? How?"

    "Bill's old teleportation experiment was fascinating. Although the accident there wasn't meant to happen, we thought, 'What if we could replicate it, on purpose?' Of course, Dittos are able to transform into anything they like. So, why can't other Pokemon do it?" he smiled, writing more in his notepad. CT growled at the throbbing pain in his head. "So we've been experimenting with Dittos. We've become able to replicate their transformation ability, though it's still a work in progress, obviously."

    CT blinked. Bill? He shook his head, and started to stand up, again. The headache had gone from a screaming pain, to a dull throb. "It will take some getting used to, of course." Blackstone said.

    "It's permanent?" CT said. "Well, we haven't quite figured out how to reverse it-"

    "You're going to leave me like this?" the ex-dragon hissed. "I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do, right now. We'll need to run further tests-" CT stopped him, again. "I will not be your lab Rattata!" he growled. He seemed to be doing a lot of growling. What else could he still do? "You're all we have, to work with! Think of what we can learn, from you!" Blackstone protested.

    "I want. To go home." CT insisted.

    "You can't."

    "The hell I can't!"

    "You can't. You were...." Blackstone trailed off.

    "I was what?" CT raised an eyebrow.

    "You were on death row. They were going to put you down, after what happened at the League." the scientist sighed. "We've heard about you and the rest of Hellbourne's team. Our boss told us to get the Nidoking, but his trainer refused. She wouldn't trade any of her team. The Gliscor gave us your Poke Ball, and we took it out of sheer desperation. Miss Hellbourne has no idea where you are. You can't go back."

    CT was at a loss for words. Death row? They had put him on death row. They were supposed to be his friends. His teammates. They were going to pay for this. All of them. His eyes flickered with anger, and his hands began to glow with orange, circling energy. He slammed both fists into a wall, in an explosive burst of energy. Holy crap. Focus Blast? "You can still use moves..." Blackstone said, somewhat stunned. He scrambled for his pen and notepad, and began nervously scribbling things down, once more.

    CT was still burning with rage. They were going to kill him. His friends. Maybe being human wasn't so bad, after all. Maybe it could be useful, especially since he still had his moveset. He could start fresh, if he ever got out of here. Or maybe....maybe he could stick around, just long enough to learn from these people. That seemed like a good plan. Befriend them. Learn from them. And when the time is right, and there's nothing more to gain, kill them. Kill them all, and start somewhere new.

    CT stood up straight, and tugged at his shirt, straightening it. He grinned at Blackstone, showing his still very sharp teeth. "I think we got off to a bad start."