• Oh, god. He was gone. Moe stared in shock, at the empty case that once held the violent Hydreigon. "Oh. Oh, no. No, no, no." she said, quietly. How could this have happened?

    Penelope burst through the door, shouting about missing Pokemon, as well. "Wait," Moe stopped him. "Blackstone?" she said, grabbing his shoulders. "A guy named Blackstone was here last night, too! And Ferrovax is missing!" she clinched her fists. "Those bastards!" she snarled. Gunpowder stepped up, beside her. This was bad. Really bad. If he had gotten in the wrong hands...the chaos would be unimaginable.

    But how could they possibly find these men? Neither Moe nor Pen knew anything about them. Moe leaned against the wall, face in her hands. "Oh, god, Pen. What could they possibly want, with our Pokemon, especially Ferrovax?"

    Looking them up couldn't possibly do any good. Who knew how many "Blackstones" and "Porters" were in Kanto.

    There were at least two.

    Musashi woke up in a glass tube. Musashi did not like it. He spread his wings, slashing at the glass wildly. Master!! He had to get to his master!! He kicked the glass, what kind of glass was that anyway!?

    "Mr. Blackstone, the Scyther's awake, and he's lively." a scientist said.

    "Hold it, you." Blackstone said. "Don't move around too much, now." he said, pointing towards a sleeping Furret. Musashi's buggish eyes widened. It was Clementine!

    "That's right, we used some samples from you and the others to revive her. It seems with certain DNA samples we can improve the Revive item to an amazing strength, bringing back a well enough preserved Pokemon. We already had two successful tests, a revival as well as that Dragon type."

    Dragon type? Musashi looked at a strange man with a familiar feel. Those eyes..the teeth... Ferrovax! Musashi rememebred this Pokemon went wild twice, it took Gunpowder and Musashi's efforts to bring him down, and now he was a human! He called after the now human CT. The others, they were captured. His master was going to take care of him, help him control his wild streak so he could become an even better battler.

    "Hit the switch. This one will be easier to handle when he's human."

    Human? No!!! Musashi raged against the bulletproof glass, a flash washing over him. The pain was excruciating, so horrible that he passed out. When he woke up he rubbed his arm against his eyes...wait...arm? Musashi stared at a human arm...no...no blade!

    Musashi let out a scream of anguish.

    CT smiled. He enjoyed watching Musashi suffer. He deserved it, for what he and Gunpowder did. How dare they challenge him. It's what they all deserved, and he was going to make sure it happened. It was time to show them, all of them, who was in charge. All he had to do, was gather the rest.

    "Absolutely not!" his handler said. "You've been human for less than a day. You have no idea how human society works, and no idea what you're even capable of. We are not letting you out."

    "You want the Nidoking, do you not?" CT growled. "I'm not some dumb animal! Take me there. I can get him, and a whole lot more. Absol, Lucario, Sawk, Garchomp...there's a lot more, than just my..." he trailed off, voice getting deeper than it already was, a trace of literal growling, in it. "former...teammates." His eyes narrowed, at Blackstone. "You can't be seen there, again. They'll recognize you, on the spot. You want the others, you're taking me."

    The scientist sighed, heavily. "Alright. Fine. Just..don't do anything stupid."

    "Wouldn't dream of it." CT's grin resembled that of a crocodile.

    The black car stopped, several blocks away from Moe's daycare. "Hm." Blackstone grunted. "The place is crawling with cops. We shouldn't-"

    "No." CT stopped him. "I know them. Moe and her friend will go looking for their lost team. The police won't stay, long."

    It didn't take long. Moe and Pen were conversing, but it was late. CT was right. The police had cleared out, and Moe and Pen had both decided to start their search, first thing in the morning. Moe would hand her daycare over to her cousin, Seth, in the meantime. Seth was already there, along with her Audino, Moxxi. Perfect. One more to add, to the batch.

    "This is a bad idea..." Blackstone murmured. "Stuff it." CT growled. He stepped out of the car, no longer wearing all-white clothes. He was dressed in a dark green dress shirt and black pants, closer resembling his previous Hydreigon colors. "This shouldn't take long." he said with a smirk, stepping away from the car and toward Moe's daycare.

    Getting in was the tricky part. Some of Moe's Pokemon stayed outside, including her Luxray, Aslan. Aslan served as a sort of guard dog, er, lion. He would be a great addition, too, but he had never wronged CT. No sense in taking him. He was, however, in the way.

    "Hello, Aslan." CT said. Aslan stood and growled. He knew his name. But how? He had never seen this person, before. "Luxray!" Aslan snarled, as sparks flew from his fur. CT dodged the Thunder Bolt, and slammed Aslan with a Focus Blast. "Blast." CT snarled. That was loud. It had to have woke somebody up. "Right, then. Best make this quick." he said, nudging the door open and stepping over the injured Luxray.

    Grab the Pokemon. Get out. Easy enough. Everybody was asleep, anyway. The only witness was one injured Luxray. And...was that a shadow? CT turned around. Gliscor. The same Gliscor that handed him over to those people. Those eyes. She knew. She held out Gunpowder's Poke Ball. CT took it, and called the sleeping Nidoking into it. He smirked; "Thank you." he stepped out, to leave. He had gotten all he needed. The Gliscor tugged on his shirt. CT paused for a moment, and sighed. "Very well."

    Lasciel had never wronged CT. In fact, they worked well, together. She was the last friend he had. He would never dream of doing something so cruel, to her. But she wanted to go. He couldn't leave her. "You never mentioned a Gliscor." Blackstone said, as CT and Lash both returned to the car. "She's coming with us." he replied.


    "She. Is. Coming. With. Us." CT snapped.

    "Fine. You've got the Nidoking?"

    "And a lot more. We best be off, before that guard Luxray wakes up."