• People tell me how stupid I am, how annoying I can be,and how lame I am.But you know what I don't care because I am me. I'm not gonna be anybody else but me. I'm not gonna dress all girly and wear pink all the time. I'm not gonna wear makeup and act like I love it. I'm not going to reach your every expectation,I'm gonna reach mine.

    You can tell me how stupid I am because you can be stupid too.You think you're smarter but when it comes to simple things you can't figure them out because there no formula.You think my ideas are for little kids or they could never be possible.Well guess what,newsflash,people thought we could never fly or go into space.People thought that there wasn't any life down in the bottom of the ocean.All of these ideas started out small but were achieved.So I'm not stupid.

    You can tell me I'm annoying but the last time I checked you weren't all that great either.You're constantly telling me things that I don't care about but I listen anyway.You on the other hand never listen because you don't like what I talking about.Well maybe you should get over yourself .Maybe then we can have a decent conversation.

    Lastly you tell me how lame I am.I don't dress like you do,I don't act like you do,I don't fit with "your kind".You know what I don't need to dress like you to be liked.I don't need to act like you to have friends.And your kind?What is that?Obviously I'm not in it because I don't know what "your kind" is.

    But here's what I have to say to all of that in just a short sentence.I don't care.