• : Chapter 1 :
    The First Day with New Friends

    "Lumina, come on your going to be late."
    " I'm coming mom" said Lumina in a yawning voice. She awakens from her slumber in her cold room. The sky was as crystal clear as the sea and it was only the morning.
    "Hurry up Lumina, we don't have all day!" She sound like she was annoyed with the wait. Lumina hurries down the stairs ,however she tripped over her backpack causing her to trip. She only scrapped her knee on the stair. She got back up and continued going to her moms car. When she got in the car, her mom glanced at her in disappointment.
    "What took you so long, I have to drive you to school and you just want to mess around!"
    She was never happy when my dad passed away, yet I don't recall her being happy when I was even adopted as a child. Two years-old I was when they got me in Tokyo.
    All I remember is my dad brushing my long brown hair with his mothers comb that was passed down from generation to generation. I say it's about 150 years-old. The brush had the letters J.M. ,however my dad never told me what they meant when I asked him. All I know is that the mom that I have now will never treat me like my dad did.
    We arrived at Tia-Yuki High. It was pretty decent, with all the beautiful flowers and cut-clean yard work. The people there were quite mean, very little of them were nice. I was the only Asian there in a Japanese high school. I was shorter than the younger kid that came in from time to time.
    "Hi there!"
    "Who said hi?"
    "Jina did."
    "Whose Jina?" said Lumina. A girl with blonde hair popped out of a corner. She was alittle bit shorter than me ,but I was probably growing as we spoke.
    "Hi, I'm Jina Swed" She put out her hand for a moment.
    "Hi, I'm Lumina Morgan." I shook her hand.
    "And I'm taking you're German?"
    "No silly, I'm Swedish." Well how obvious was that, Jina Swed and she's Swedish.
    "Well I got to be going to Science now so-"
    "Oh, that's also my first class so lets get going!" She grabbed my arm and we walked to our class...

    To Be Continued......