• That evening I found myself alone in my room staring into the bright screen of my laptop, scrolling down the many social websites I was on. After what happened today, I was no longer in the mood to go out with Wraith, may it be fake or not.
    After talking to Leon about my life I realized a couple things. I did have feelings for Damon, but I knew if I accepted them we would be torn apart eventually. By his stupidity or by my illness. My heart was torn, on one side I was excited and on the other I was terrified. I needed a sign, something to tell me what we were doing was wrong.
    As I pondered my options the time slowly slipped away from me. A soft rapping on my window brought my attention back to reality.
    My eyes shot open and I turned my head towards the back door, and almost immediately my eyes met with a pair of overly excited green ones.
    Faay pointed down to the door handle, giving me the cue that I should be getting up and letting her in.
    I made my way over to the sliding door and opened it slowly. “What are you doing here?” I asked in a not so pleased tone.
    “Well,” She started as she walked into the large bedroom. “I knew that you wouldn’t know what to where, so I brought a couple outfits that you could choose from.”
    “You know, I’ve been thinking and I think that It’s best that I not go tonight.” I whispered as I twisted my fingers together.
    She completely ignored me and held up a black and red velvet corset. “Or,” She said as she held it up to my body. “You could be making an entrance in one of these hot outfits, with two very attractive guys as your arm candy.”
    “You want me to go in a corset?” I asked hesitantly staring at the item of clothing with a bit of disgust. “Wait, is this real?”
    “Yes, I want you to wear this, and yes it is real. Do you really think that I would have you wear something fake to the club?” Faay answered as she placed it on the bed. “I had to go out and buy your size though because you’re slightly bustier then I am.” She whispered as if off in her own world.
    I felt a twinge of guilt as I looked at my friend. What was I supposed to say now?
    She continued. “Well if you wear this skirt,” She held up a tiny black skirt that looked as if it would barely cover my behind. “And these stockings.” She then handed me some fishnets. “You’ll look great. My brother won’t be able to control himself.” She stepped back and admired her work with a smile.
    My thoughts immediately got away from me as she stared at the outfit in my hands. “Neither will Damon,” I thought to myself.
    Though, Damon might actually pull me aside and ravish me. That would make for an interesting night.
    My cheeks flamed as I covered my mouth, why did my mind have to go there? Now I was going to be expecting something like that all night.
    “Uh, Ren?” Faay whispered pulling me from my fantasy. “You feeling alright?”
    I looked up at her and cleared my throat. “Sorry, of course.”
    “So when are the boys going to come and pick us up?”
    Faay looked at her watch. “About an hour or so.”
    I growled under my breath. “There is no way that I’m going to be able to get ready in that time.”
    “I trust you will.” Faay stated with an all to knowing smile.
    I rolled my eyes and walked into the large bathroom to get ready.
    “So I'm quite surprised that Damon actually agreed to go with us.” Faay whispered as she sat down at my vanity. “Kind of makes me think that there is more to his hatred then we think.” She stated as she smacked her lips together.
    “What are you talking about?” I asked as I walked out of the bathroom.
    “Wow you look amazing!” Faay whispered completely countering my question.
    I walked over to my full length mirror and stared into it. I placed my hands on my hips. “I don’t like how it squeezes me right here.” I whispered turning around to look at the outfit.
    She was right though, I looked awesome in it, and it wasn't too farfetched from what I wore on a normal basis. Though I normally wore longer bottoms.
    Faay scoffed and pulled the corset strings without even a warning.
    “Ouch! A little warning would be nice.” I growled between squeals of pain.
    “Then don’t call yourself fat.” The blond hissed. “Have you seen some of the other girls in our school? Be thankful for the body you have.”
    I stared at her for a long moment. “Uh, okay. I’m sorry.”
    Faay gave a hint of a tiny smile. “Okay you’re done.”
    I rolled my eyes and exhaled finding it super hard to breath. “This isn't going to bruise me is it?” I whimpered.
    “Probably.” She stated. “If I did it right.”
    My eyes widened. “I don’t want to wear this.” I whined.
    Faay shook her head. “Too late, you need to do your makeup.” She stated as she held out an eyeliner tube to me.
    “You planned this.” I hissed.
    “No, I just know how you are.” Faay insisted. “You were probably thinking of ways that you could get out of tonight without hurting my feelings.. That’s why I came with outfits.”
    I raised my eyebrow. She knew me way to well.
    I sat down on the vanity bench and started to do my makeup. “It’s a masquerade tonight isn't it?”
    Faay nodded. “Indeed it is.”
    “Did you get me a mask too?” I asked.
    “Of course I did, do you think that I would leave out such a detail.” She then pulled out a Red and gold mask, it was beautiful. “Just make sure that you use these colors plus black.”
    I nodded. “I know how to do my make up Faay.”
    It took me forty-five minutes to finish my make up to the point that I, myself felt I was presentable.
    Just in time for the doorbell to ring.
    I looked at Faay, studied her face to see if there was any way that I would be able to get out of this mess. But, her look didn’t waiver once.
    “Well, aren't you going to answer it?” Faay asked with a sly smile.
    “Shut up.” I hissed as I started out of my room.
    I skipped down the stairs and looped around the large banister to the front door. I took in a deep breath as I finally opened the door to the two familiar faces.
    “Good Evening Rena.” Wraith said with a most gentlemanly smile.
    “Hello,” I answered as I looked over his choice outfit. He was just wearing his normal clothes. Then I looked past him at Damon whom had just turned his head so I couldn't see the look that he was trying to conceal. Even though I knew the look way to well.
    My eyes drifted down his body, using the fact that I was looking at his outfit as an excuse. He was wearing a tight black shirt, with black jeans which had tears and fraying up and down his legs. Topped off with a studded belt and his leather jacket.
    Normal clothing for him also but man did he pull it off.
    My heart thudded against my chest causing me to even look away.
    “No masks tonight boys?” I asked as I stepped out onto the porch.
    Wraith just smirked. “Nah, it‘s not really our thing to dress up.”
    “Is that right?” I wondered as I turned my gaze on Faay.
    She just smiled and passed me quickly as she made her way to the car. “But Rena looks amazing right?” She stated.
    Wraith nodded. “Of course,”
    Damon scoffed, earning a strange look from his best friend. “Sorry,” He whispered as he then looked over at me. A dark color filling his eyes. “Your right though, she does look good tonight. Almost good enough to eat.”
    I stared at Damon for a long moment. “Don't threaten me with a good time.” I whispered lowly as I passed him.
    He laughed lowly. “This is going to be a fun night.” He replied as he watched me as I walked away.
    Damon walked up behind me and opened the back door. “Shall we then?”
    I suddenly felt like I didn’t have enough on, that I really was going to get eaten alive. That thought alone sent a rush of heat up through my body and straight to my face. To make it worse, Damon's hand touched the small of my back.
    “Very well played Miss. Sarai.” Damon’s honey dipped voice echoed through the air around my body. Leaving me feeling empty when he passed me and crawled into the back seat of Wraith’s car.
    "So I take it that Wraith dragged you, since you didn't drive your motorcycle" Faay whispered to Damon with a chuckle as she watched him crawl in the back of the car. “Though I was sure that you would have something or someone better to do on a Friday night.”
    Damon glared at her for a moment then a smile appeared on his lips. “Wraith thought it would be better if we all traveled in the same car to save on gas. But, seeing as you’re so worried about me, I just want to let you know that I'll be find, I always find someone to occupy my time.”
    All the muscles in my lower stomach tightened as I stood in the crisp evening air. What did he mean by that?
    Though Faay wasn't fazed by the way that Damon acted.
    Wraith cleared his throat giving the two his sign that they should stop.
    When I tore my gaze from Damon and looked over at Wraith I noticed that he had the passenger door open.
    My heart stopped. I didn't want to sit up front with him.
    “Uh, Faay can sit up front.” I stated as I looked in the back where Damon sat all to inviting.
    Damon’s eyes shot up to meet mine for only a second before the mischievous smile crept back onto his lips.
    “Rena, you don’t have to do that.” Faay stated giving me a worried look.
    “Why, it’s not as if anything has changed. You’re his sister and I am still his sister’s best friend.” I whispered coldly.
    “Best friends sit in the back apparently.” Damon added coyly.
    I nodded in agreement.
    Wraith looked at me with a sort of saddened look but it faded as quickly as it came.
    “Alright, well it doesn't really matter to me, as long as I get to the show on time.” Faay hissed as she climbed in. “Let’s get going.”
    We all climbed into the car and within seconds we were all laughing about stuff that happened that day, or the music on the radio.
    I was more comfortable now as I leaned into the seat and relaxed. I looked up at the front and saw that Wraith was looking at me through the rear view mirror. It was like he was worried I was going to disappear. I gave him a little smile then returned my eyes to the window.
    I had been staring out the window almost the whole ride trying to keep my attention off the boy who sat next to me. Which quickly proved that it wasn’t easy. Since Wraith's choice of cars was an Audi, the backseat was non-existent.
    Every movement that Damon made, made me all too aware of his presence.
    Wraith looking back at me just rolled off my shoulders but, once Damon laced his fingers within mine and started to rub little circles on the skin between her fore finger and thumb, it sent my senses flying.
    Honestly all I wanted to do was jump on top of him and pull him as close to me as possible. Kissing him relentlessly, not caring that Wraith and Faay were both in the car.
    I crossed my legs trying to get that thought out of my mind. I was aching for him now, and I couldn’t show that. Not now, and definitely not here.
    As he continued to play with my fingers, I then knew that he was making a silent declaration that I was his and his alone.
    “So, Rena have you ever been to a club like this?” Wraith interrupted as he looked back at me through the mirror. He immediately noticed the redness in my face. “Hey you alright?”
    I nodded my head. “No, I’m fine. I’m just a little,” -I tried to think of the proper word- “Overwhelmed.” Truth was that I was getting flustered. A feeling that I wasn't accustomed to.
    Wraith was quiet for a moment then smiled warmly. “Well I hope you have fun tonight, I mean this scene is a little bit different but I’m sure you will be alright.”
    Damon chuckled. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that it’s a scene that you could easily fit into.” He stated as he locked eyes with me once again sending chills up my spine.
    I looked at him and blushed slightly. “Why would you say that?” I wondered.
    Damon brushed my knuckles against his lips softly and discreetly. “It’s a place where fantasy meets reality.” He winked at me. “And trust me honey, I know your fantasies.” The last part he whispered so lowly that no one else would be able to hear it.
    Wraith cleared his throat. “Damon stop messing with Rena.” He hissed.
    Damon chuckled darkly and squeezed my hand.
    Faay turned around and looked directly at Damon. “How do you know Rena, you've barely spoken to her besides your tutoring sessions.”
    Damon unlaced his fingers from mine swiftly. “Well, you can learn a lot about someone in just a couple hours a day.” He stated without a hitch.
    The heat filled my cheeks once again making me look out the window.
    Why was he doing this?
    Faay raised an eyebrow. “I’m going to pretend to believe that.”
    The tension in the car was thick now, but the sexual tension between Damon and I was so much worse.
    Wraith cleared his throat as he pulled into a VIP parking stall.
    I looked up at the tall brick building that loomed over the street. On the outside it just looked like another ware house, but on the top of the building there was 'The Dancing Skeleton' spelled out in Neon lights.
    “This is the place?” I wondered as fear flooded through me as I watched the type of people walking to the front door.
    Faay smiled. “Yup, isn't it cool? Kind of a rustic looking place right?”
    “It’s an old factory building that they were going to tear down, but their parents couldn't fathom it so they turned it into an underground club.” Damon whispered into my ear. “Want to get out?” He whispered pointing to Faay’s opened door.
    I looked over at Damon and nodded.
    As I ducked to get out I heard Damon catch his breath. “Perv,” I whispered as I stood up straight and smoothed out my clothes.
    “Well, maybe you shouldn’t wear such tiny skirts,” He retorted as he too stepped out of the car.
    I ignored his comment and looked at Faay “Is it really underground?”
    “No,” Faay answered matter of fact. “It actually has three floors.”
    My eyes widened. “Does it get really busy?”
    “Extremely.” Wraith answered. “That’s why I want you and Faay to stick close to Damon and me tonight.”
    I looked over at Wraith with a surprised look.
    Wraith started to scratch the back of his head realizing how embarrassing what he said was and immediately tried to make it sound better. “It’s just that there is a lot of creeps that come here and I don’t want you two to get caught up in any trouble.”
    Damon fixed his leather jacket and straightened out his shirt plastering a sadistic grin on his face. “Well then shall we Miss. Sarai?” He asked as he held out his hand to me.
    My heart skidded to stop and a sense of happiness flooded through me.
    I smiled then looked over at Wraith. “Looks like I’ll be with Damon tonight then.” I stated as I entwined my fingers with his.
    Wraith raised an eyebrow but nodded with no protest.

    Faay growled under her breath.
    “What?” Wraith asked as he watched his best friend walk away with his date.
    “You’re not fighting for her,” Faay growled. “Also, what the hell is going on between those two? I've never seen them act like this.”
    “Those are two very good points. But, I don’t want to make Rena uncomfortable.”
    “She’s won’t get uncomfortable if you just put your foot down, this is supposed to be a date between you two. Not between them.” She growled.
    Wraith looked at his sister and shook his head. “I’m not an idiot you know, I know the only reason that she accepted my invitation was to help you.” He smiled and started walking forward. “Actually a little piece of me knew that this was going to happen tonight, though it didn't play out this way in my head.”
    Faay sighed. “Yeah, I know but she could at least act like she’s interested.” She watched as her friend flirted with the older boy so openly. Then as if it was a trick of the light Damon leaned over and kissed her. At least that's what Faay thought she saw.
    “Well, I’m sure she has a good reason for why she’s flirting with Damon.” Wraith stated interrupting his sister’s spiral downward.
    “Flirting,” That’s when Faay looked at her brother. “That’s public foreplay.” She hissed as acid seeped through her words.
    “Naw,” Wraith whispered. “Damon doesn't find her attractive, he's probably doing this to pass the time until he has a girl on each of his arms.”
    “That’s his real personality?” Faay wondered.
    Wraith laughed. “You say that like it’s a surprise.”
    “Well, he’s always been civil.” But now Faay was kind of angry. She knew that Rena had a crush on Damon, and she was probably stoked that he was giving her attention. But, then the downfall would be when Damon left her side to go and flirt with other girls.
    “Anyway, enough with this talk we need to catch up with them so we can all get in.” Wraith stated as he started to move a bit faster/
    Faay looked at her brother. “Speaking about that, how do you get in?”
    Wraith grinned. “That is a well-kept secret, that soon you will find out..”

    The secret was the VIP entrance.
    There was one big bouncer sitting on a stool who looked way too bored to be at a club.
    “Evening Catl.” Wraith greeted as we approached.
    Catl looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Oh Wraith, Damon, what a surprise to see you here on a night like tonight.”
    Damon shrugged his shoulders and snaked his arm around mine. “You know how the ladies get when these bands are in town.”
    Catl looked at Damon and laughed then looked at me. “Well, I've never seen her around here before.”
    “Their new in town, I thought it would be nice to bring them around to the normal Haunts.” Wraith said with a smile.
    Catl smiled. “Well, then you guys have fun.”
    He stamped our hands and removed the red velvet rope.
    Faay and Wraith walked in first leaving me and Damon slightly in the dust.
    Damon took this chance to stop and pull me into a dark part of the hallway.
    “What?” I asked with a bit of surprise in my voice.
    “When Wraith said that he wanted you guys to stay near us, he was serious. There are some real creeps in this place.”
    I rolled my eyes. “I am sure.”
    Damon leaned in real close and touched his fore head to mine. “I'm serious.”
    “I bet.”
    He looked at me for a long moment before touching his lips softly to mine. He then entwined his fingers with mine and pulled me back into the hallway. As we made our way down the black light lined hallway I found myself getting closer and closer to Damon, all on my own accord.
    Then we stepped into a well-lit place.
    “We can go into the bar?” I wondered my eyes scanning the faces in the crowd. It looked like they were all enjoying themselves thoroughly.
    Wraith shrugged. “But, you guys are underage so no drinking tonight.”
    Damon leaned into my ear again and chuckled. “Unless you wanted too, I'm not stopping you.”
    Faay grabbed my hand. “Where have you been?” She hissed. “Don't disappear like that anymore, I was really worried.
    Damon scoffed. “She was with me.”
    “Yeah, and that makes me feel better. Rena come on lets go, we don't need to be here with the boys, we can go find a seat.”
    I stared at her, why was she making choices for me?
    “So when is your band supposed to play?” Damon asked rolling his eyes.
    “Around Ten.” Faay answered.
    Damon pulled out his phone and looked at it. “Well, looks like not for another hour.” He then looked up at Wraith, removing his arm from my shoulders. “Want to get a couple drinks before the show starts?”
    Wraith looked at us to get an okay. Once he had it Faay and I were left alone.
    “So much for sticking together.” Faay stated with a laugh.
    I nodded and watched as Damon weeded through the crowd, and sure enough it wasn’t long until a petite blond girl came up to him and started to flirt with him.
    He gave her a short look then shook his head.
    Oh, it bothered me so much not knowing what they were talking about.
    Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in towards his ear.
    My cheeks flamed, and it wasn't from being happy. This was anger flooding through my veins. Here I was actually considering Damon's offer about being 'official' and here he was flirting, and whatever else with some random girl who he just met.
    Typical Damon.