• The Druids moved slowly toward the cave of sealing, with the path of charms behind them. In the front, the leader of the druids carried the sword of time on a sacrificial lamb, which was already frozen by the sword’s power. The sword itself could level entire cities with one swipe, destroy golems with a stab, and witches couldn’t even stand in its presence. The sword looked like a long, poorly cared for blade, with a curved look. The charms left behind by the druids were to keep the magical burglars from coming along the path. The party entered the cave of sealing. The lead druid said “now the time has come to seal ourselves from this world, to let the sword remain in the human earth any longer is certain death to the race of power,” the druids than began to chant out there spell for the sealing. Suddenly, the roof around them began to collapse but the lead druid said “ keep chanting, it will ho--------,” but he was cut off as the sword, overpowered by the spell, began to glow, than froze time around and in the cave forever.

    500 years later…
    “Come now Roger, you can’t stay out there forever!” mother called out. I sighed, mother can be so, well, annoying. My name is Carson Roger Masons, but everybody calls me by my middle name Roger. The year is 1475 and I’m 15 years old with a red hair and blue eyes. Normally, I would ignore her and continue to explore. I love to explore the old ruins and the Stonehenge monument. But today was different. My 18 year old sister, Rachel, was coming back today from the village. She works as a bar maid for the pub. She hast to stay around there all year long, with a month break every 3 years, so I get to see her after the long period of time she is gone. She’s like me. When she comes back, we’ll start exploring from night until the dawn.
    When she got here she opened her arms to mother and gave her a hug. Then she came over to me and whispered to me while I was embracing here “Did you find any new ones?”
    “Not yet,” I whispered back as we separated, knowing what she was talking about. I decided, after dinner, we would explore the old ruins one more time for any more of those strange symbols. We found one three years ago but only me, from some reason, only I could read it. It said “We”. That’s all it said. And even stranger, the path along the road was marked with these strange looking lantern type things.
    As dinner progressed, my sister discussed getting married to the butcher’s son in town. Mother said “We need your fathers blessing in order to marry him. I know you know that.”
    “So where is he?”
    My mother and me looked at each other, exchanged a look, and looked back at her. “Your father,” mother said, “was recruited during the raid; he was told to go out to the main battle.”
    My sister looked at mother. “You’re kidding right? You’re not serious are you?” she looked like she was about to cry.
    “Mother’s serious Rachel, except they came in here and dragged him out,” I mentioned “He’s fighting the kingdom just across the hill.”
    Mother looked over at my sister, who had grown silent and looked very solemn. I reached over an arm, hugged her and said “He’ll be back, you know, he made me a promise that he would be with at all times and never leave me behind. Maybe we should go explore now in order to take your mind off it?”
    She nodded her head and slowly got out of her chair. I looked at mother with eyes of reassuring. Rachel then came out in a short dress and bare feet. “Lets go, what are you waiting for Carson?”
    “You know I hate that name!” I shouted back as I heard her laugh.