• "̢Humans̸ ̛w̧h͢ó ̶f̧i͜gu͟r̨e͠s ̨tha҉t ́th͞ey͘ h̢a͡v͜e ҉f͟r̵ee̕d͝om ͠t̶o do͞ ̛aņyth͢i͢n̡g͏ ţh̀e͜y wa͘nt̕; are͘ n͡oth̢i͘ng͢ m̛or̴e t̛ha̛n ́ty̕rants ̸and̢ ̨h͜yp̧oc҉rit҉es who̢ f̕eèl͠ they'r̸e̡ abov̸e̕ ̵all̕ ot́heŕs̕ ̛a̵nd ͏c͞a̵r͜e no͡t̀hi̧n̷g͏ ̡but͜ th͢èm̧s̸elves͡."

    Those were the final words spoken by the spawn we fashioned. Both the Professor and I felt that we needed to test a theory on human extent and the focus group is, well sovereign citizens.

    Sure they're humans, but in our insight, they can be quite disruptive to society, believing they're above all others. But for those who aren't disruptive, they only get our backs facing towards them. Laws and rules exists for a reason and the main point of them is the safety of every human beings, failure or not being cooperative to laws and rules is a sure sight that you refuse to care about other humans despite claiming you haven't done anything wrong.

    Practicing your own rights is amendable, but to a certain extent or if abused to one's own convenience. The breakpoint is where they "will" be detained for refusal to cooperate to a country or nation's law.

    Inhabitant of the land does not signify that you have freedom to do as you please, claiming that is in our view; nauseating and sick to where we'd question the fate of "all" humans who dwell upon this world. Which is why we later started a personal project, one that'll bring us to a conclusion we can use as reference when the day comes.

    Project Abide; Testing the rights of all and any inhabitants of the land.

    The Professor and I both respect those who protect others, whether federal government or a small village in the Sahara Desert, but as for the second mention, they're much better than sovereign citizens who abuse their "rights". And to be honest, a part of me began to inquire if it's legal to harm said citizens of the land. I don't want the Pitch to beckon me closer to it, nor do I want to harm any "human" no matter what the reason is.

    We needed someone who understood the truth and understand the false understandings of law, rules, codes, customs, traditions, etc. All of which are foundations for and in the society of everyone who lives in all parts of the world. We couldn't find a proper candidate to fulfill that purpose, but biology was the only answer we could look at. Slim held both the personality of the Professor and me, but with a better understanding of the concept and knowledge of what we wanted him to understand and after 6 months, he's the "Tyrant" of all form of land, though with his dedication to me and the Professor, the universe we inhabit and have influence over are not bound to his will.

    After sending him off to a universe he can claim.

    We will only lie in wait and see how "His" concept will shape.