• The Principal Office

    I was really nervous. I been in trouble before, but this is the first I been in trouble at my high school, St. Amant High. The principals was really strict, and it wouldn't be a surprise if I would had gotten a saturday Detention, or worse, a suspension.
    Ms. Walker, one of the schools principals came into the office. She saw me in a chair with a referral (peice of paper that says what I got in trouble for) in my hand. "Leroy?" she said, surprised. eek "What did you do?" Then I had to follow her in her office.
    She asked for my story, and I told her, "In Civics, the subsitute teacher assigned us a paper to read, while I was trying to read the thing, a boy name Jarod turned around and kept calling me things, then I got mad and punch him."
    "Jarod" She asked.
    "Yeah, he was sitting outside the office"
    "Call him in" So I went and got him into Ms. Walker's officer. She asked what did he tell me, and he said "I called him Gay"
    "Now I'm starting to think Leroy shouldn't get punish" She said ("Yes biggrin " I thought) "Calling a person gay even if he is, which I doubt, is harassment. I could get you suspendend for that.
    "Yes mam" Jarod said, looking said sad "
    "Anyway, Leroy, I'm going to give you a after school clinic (after school detention), and Jarod, you'll get a Saturday detention."
    A after school detention wasn't that bad of a punishment. All I have to do is my homework (which I get a lot of because I take honors) for 90 minutes.

    The rest of the day

    The only thing I have to worry about is what my parents will say.
    So at lunch I was sitting at a table on the patio eating my lunch, then two girls I knew named Kristen and Aliyah came and sat down at the table. Aliyah was the first to see the after school behavior clinic letter I got. "Leroy, you got after school detention?"
    "Yeah" I said
    "What did you do?"
    "Hit this guy because he called me gay"
    The rest of the day went normal, then when I got home, my mom talked to me.
    "What happened at school today" She asked. It's no use lying to her because she already knows.
    "This guy called me gay, so I hit him"
    "You are not suppose to be hitting no one" She didn't say much about it.

    After School Detetention

    After school detention happens every monday and wednesday in the french teacher's classroom. I was picked to go on a wednesday. The teacher called role, then went to her desk. It was really quiet in the class. No one dares to talk. I was able to finish my homework, and at 4:30, I left.

    A Few Weeks Later

    My Civics teacher heard the story, and after hearing the story, he pretty much took care of my referral, thinking the whole situation was stupid. so it's almost like I never got in trouble biggrin . So I was still was able to do things like go to field day, and be in the Beta Club, and my record is clean...well until the security camera caught me horse playing in the halls with a senior, but that's another story. biggrin