• Chapter 1;

    "Harlow!Harlow wake up,it's time for school!",her mom said angerly."Okay!",Harlow said stressfully.It was another day of 6th grade for Harlow and of course,she dreaded it.She was a very quiet person because if she said anything to the kids at school they would make fun of her clothes that she has worn for the last week.She was a very pour child.She wore torn jeans,dirty small tennis shoes,and a sweater everyday.That's all she had.For lunch she always had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,which she ate slowly so it would be more fulling for her.After lunch she went to literature class.
    "Everyone get out a notebook and head it,my poem.I want everyone to think outside the box and write what you feel!",Mr.Ledford said in his normal cheery voice.She loved to write because she didn't have to talk.20 minutes later Mr.Ledford said,"Time to turn in your poems!"