• The woman in her 20's slipped down to her knees as Gracie slipped the knife into her heart. "Thank you" were her last words. Gracie sat there in the pool of the woman's blood holding her limp body, her green intense eyes watery. Tears streamed from her eyes. She thought of herself as a murderer, but then, she had to do it. That woman had suffered enough........

    Gracie walked to her flat, hiding a blood stains on her dress and skin.
    "Why?" Gracie thought as she entered her room. "Why can't I be like a normal 19 year old girl?" Gracie entered the bathroom stripped and turned on the shower. She stroked her smooth tanned body and entered the shower. The red flowed into the drain of the shower as Gracie stood there wondering......wondering what made her get into this mess.

    All she could remember was their bodies together, their lips touched and then a bang. Then black. Gracies half dead body lay there in a pool of her own blood. "I love you....Ken...I love..." where her last words before she slid the knife to her heart.