• Writing. it flows from every person, each time from the same place. the mind. the mind is a cavernous pit full of ideas, emotions, and subconscious thoughts. many times, everything is in an organized mess, feelings and ideas all over the place, forming some sort of order. sometimes, though, certain emotions or idea scream to be heard, yelling at us to acknowledge them. most of the time we do. but what about the emotions we want to repress? we try our best to, yet they still manage to leak through the block we put on them, showing themselves through our eyes, or in our body language. some people are good at reading this, and can almost always tell when something is wrong. but, when people like that are trying to repress emotions themselves, there is usually no gap for the emotion to fit through. usually. if that person is too shaken by some event or person, the emotion can slip right through.
    emotions allow us to be us, as individuals. emotions tell us what to do, form ideas. an emotion even formed this idea. the USA was formed from emotion. the Eiffel tower, the statue of liberty, mount Rushmore, was formed from emotion. every action you perform has an equal or opposite reaction. such is true in every aspect of life, especially love.
    (continuation on 9/12.0 cool
    back to emotions, love is one of the emotions that controls most of our actions.

    it tells us how to act and react around the people we love. it commands us to think about them, whether it hurts to or not. it lets us be able to tell when the person is sad.
    sadness is, again, an emotion that controls us, although it does not give a physical command. sadness, like all emotions, affects everyone differently. some people life their life in sadness, metaphorical clouds hanging over their heads.
    and some people bask in the glow of happiness.happiness and sadness are more of a way of living through life, unlike other emotions. happiness lets us live through the days, content with the work we have done, sometimes even striving for more work to be done the next day. and, it allows us to think more clearly.
    thinking is a way of discussing thoughts with oneself, consoling oneself, or working with oneself to achieve a goal. it is the process that allows us to function the way we do. thinking is the clearest form of cognitive thinking, which is a fancy way of saying we're sentient beings, self-aware of what is going on around us.
    being sentient beings, we are able to manipulate our environment, making it a more comfortable place for us. I, for instance, am sitting inside a building snug as a bug, while it is below freezing outside.
    the environment used to be able to control us, kill us with a mere swipe of its hand, let us live with a gentle nudge in the right direction. it allowed us to become who we are today, and it can just as easily destroy us if we do anything to even slightly irritate it.
    irritation is a form of anger, which, in itself, leads to wars. wars then bring sadness to those who lost family members, and joyousness to those whose country was saved.
    as I get back onto topic, continuing with other emotions, let me say that that none of tis would be possible without everyone else in the world. yes, everyone in the world made a contribution, however slight, to this writing.
    and, as I continue on the subject of emotions, depression is not just sadness. it is sadness, confusion, anger, and doubt. people who are depressed are usually very sensitive to everything that goes on around them. and there are the cases, where the depressed become emotionally numb, and are not able to feel any emotion at all.
    tonight has relly helped me develop another section. How you act around people when you first meet then is usually how they and yourself expect you to act. make a fool of yourself, your a fool to them. be a romantic, your a romantic to them. console them, your their Dr. Phil. It becomes very hard to change how they view you then.
    I say this, because tonight, I've asked myself how things would be different if I acted differently in 7th grade. would I be dating someone? would I be a prep? a jock? how could I have made myself better? could I have walked differently? not played a sport? could I have changed how I was then, and have a better outcome? What does it take to get someone to change their mind about you, realize your not what you were 2 years ago, that you do what you do now because of pure habit? from what I've experienced, it takes a lot of time and effort, most often times not worth it. but changing one person's view can change one hundred people's views.