• In the Morning the Kid Named "Jonah" Jonah is 9 yrs old Grade 3 student He studies in "Ateneo De Manila"

    While in his Vacation Jonah Using Computer for looking Websites

    And then Jonah Find something

    its the website but he visit He see something weird in this Website!
    While he visit the website the Description says "Post your Famous Pic here" but he post his Class picture

    And then his Classmates turn into a voodoo doll and he shocked while he see this
    But Jonah didn't believe this Website he click his Best friend and then he hear a Screaming sound

    So in June 5,2004 while his now in School His Best friend not here
    While in Home he use the telephone to call his best friend and then Jonah calls his best friend's mother Jonah said "Where is Richard" (his best friend) and the Mother says
    He is dead His mother is sooo Crying She didn't stop crying

    But Jonah Believe the Website
    While he using PC again he must find the website but he not find it

    And then Jonah Kill himself!