• "Do it!" Raven said. "But...It's not something that should be done.." Artimis says gripping the side of his head shaking back and forth, struggling with the reality of it all. "You should listen to Raven, Artimis." Shamus said. Shamus was always Ravens lackey. "But killing someone!?! I..I....I can't do it..." Artimis says backing away from them. "They caused you pain, they deserve to die." Raven retorted. "I know. But i can't it's not me. I know it isn't!" Artimis screamed backed against the wall in the fetal position. Out side of the room two men sat observing Artimis. They wore white lab suits with other protection as well. "He is not responding to the drugs, this test has to be a fail. It seems to have made it even worse then before." The first doctor said. "But we still have not finished with him, there is so much to be learned from this! Think of the awards doctor." The second one said wihle greedily rubbing his hands together. "But is it worth it if we destroy a persons life? I am terminating this project now." The doctor said decisively. "NO! You musn't!!" The second doctor screamed charging him. Catching him off guard the first doctor was knocked unconcious. The second doctor tied him to a chair and continued observing. "DO IT! It would be just so easy!" Shamis chimed in after Raven. "But what about the other consiquences? I could go to jail! I-I-I can't i have a family." Artimis stuttered, "I have to support them! I can't go to jail, I musn't for the sake of my daughters." Artimis said gaining some courage and standing back on his feet. "But they are the ones who put you in this place." Raven said pointing around the room. Nothing but gray walls, mold, and the dank smell of water. "I CAN'T DO IT!" Artimis screamed. "You must though." Raven argued back. Gripping his hair Artimist began tearing some of it out. He was going to snap. Suddenly he bolted right for Raven. Grabbing him by the neck. Seeing Raven begin to pass out. Artimist stopped realizing this was exactly what Raven wanted him to do. "Oh, God! How did i fall for your trick?!" Artimis sobbed into his hands. "Because i am smarter than you." Raven sputtered in between gasps. "You fell for my trap. You knew you had the ability to i just needed to open it up." Raven said an evil grin coming across his face. "I will not do it. I will not do it. I will not do it." Artimis chanted over and over again.

    Dr. Chandler came back to consciousness several hours later. Seeing that Dr. Hamish had tied him up he tried reasoning with logic to get out of this predicament. "You know you can't administer the medicine alone Dr. Hamish." Chandler taunted. "I will figure out a way. Even if i have to use old fashioned sleeping darts." Hamish said offhanded. "Dang it" Dr. Chandler thought. "What about if you can't get a clear shot? How will you use your sleeping darts on him then? You know he won't go down easy, because he is at an advanced stage of Schizophrenia." Chandler said with a gleam of hope in his voice. "I...Will you try to make me your prisoner if I let you go?" Dr. Hamish said reaching behind a machine for a solid piece of pipe. "With that in your hand i wouldn't be inclined to do much Doctor." Chandler chuckled. "Good you are using your brain." Dr. Hamish said reaching around to untie Dr. Chandlers bonds. Rubbing his wrists Dr. Chandler notes to himself "I have to get that pipe away from him somehow. He has gone completely insane with the thought of fame and fortune. He is almost as mentally unstable as the patient." Dr. Chandler muttered to himself.

    "Do you have the sedative doctor?" Hamish asked. "Yes right here." Chandler replied. It had been a few weeks, Hamish was starting to trust Chandler a little bit. He was letting him get supplies now. That was exactly what Chandler had wanted. He grabbed a double dose of sedatives. One for the patient, then after they had given him the drugs Dr. Hamish would get a nice surprise and then a splitting headache. "There. Now that we've done th-" was all that Dr.Hamish got out before Dr. Chandler buried the needle into his neck hitting a vein and injecting the fluids. The fringes around Dr. Hamish's eyes started going darker he finally said before passing out "I shouldn't have trusted you." Seeing his body motionless on the floor Chandler said with a mocking tone "You were right about that much. But you don't realize what you were doing to this patient."

    The doctors had been nice about giving him the medication. They calmed him down and then gave him the strange pills that made him feel as if he were floating but he still remained glued to the ground. He was in no mood to fight yet Raven persisted with his convoluted plans to get him to commit a murder. "Come on now would be the easiest because you wouldn't realize what you are doing. You would be happy while doing it" Raven commented. "Nope. Nope. Nope." Artimist chuckled. He was so drugged up he didn't see much beyond knowing that Raven wanted him to do terrible things to people. The drugs always made him feel nice but as soon as that effect wore off he felt even worse than before he took them. The withdrawls are what caused most of his worst episodes he thought. The elated feeling beginning to wear off he began thinking a little more rationally with these two.
    Shamus who had been quite this whole time stepped into view and crowed "Ya know if you just attacked one of those doctors you could get all the pills you wanted that make you so happy." "What if i just ask them for more instead of attacking them?" Artimis said loopily. "You're insane to them they will never let you have the drugs on your own." Raven chided. "O. You never know i suppose." Artimist breathed.

    The time while Dr. Hamish had been tied up had gone very easily. Artimis had taken the pills voluntarily without sedation. He had even been asking if he could just get them himself. But Dr. Chandler had kept refusing. his reply was always just "OK." or "Maybe next time then?" but the one he usually does is "Oh, well i guess the crazy man can't do anything for himself." Dr. Chandler sense something had changed about him. But it definitely wasn't that he actually wanted the pills. It was how he posed the questions every time he asked. It was as if he was learning how to get inside his head. To finally change his answer to what he wanted. Dr. Chandler had kept Dr. Hamish in a cell that was in the institution. Gave him regular meals, kept him in shape by putting weight lifting things inside his cell. They were rather large cells. Not the normal ones like most think of, the jail cells. Despite all the constant rage that Dr.Hamish had showed him whenever he showed up to give him something, Dr. Hamish was resigned to the fact that he was never going to be let out of there until it was all over, and even then maybe not.

    Every day Artimis seemed to be doing better. Dr. Chandler noticed a reduced amount of psychotic breaks. All was going according to plan. Maybe Dr.Hamish had been right to keep this project going. "Just bide your time Artimis and you will get exactly what you want." Raven cooed at Artimis. By now Raven had worn Artimis so thin and had taken advantage of when he was in a drug induced high, to make Artimis see the way Raven did. It had worked to Ravens unabated joy. "I'll follow through, but you have got to promise to leave me alone after I do this." Artimis said giving a stern glare at nothing but a grey wall to the eyes of Dr.Chandler. " Anything you want, buddy." Raven said with deceit. "Good." Artimis said with a pleased tone.

    A few months went by, Artimis bided his time. He took the drugs patiently. He had hid some things in his room without the doctors seeing. Amongst them was a scalpel. It was a weapon he lifted off one of the doctors when Dr. Chandler had actually let him out of his room. It had been the first time he saw sun since five years ago when he first went into the place. It was a nice change to him. But he still had to go through with this...Then Raven would give him peace and he could go back home to his family again.

    The day soon came when Dr. Chandler though that Artimis might be able to go back into the real world again. As he walked to Artimis' speacial room, he had a little "skip" in his step so to speak. "Artimis! Artimis! Where are you? I have wonderful news for you!" Dr.Chandler shouted into the room from the outside. Artimis came strolling up casually as if nothing was slinking through his devlish mind. "Yes Doctor? What is it?" Artimis said Coy. "You are going to be officially released today!" Dr.Chandler continued "You have shown remarkable progress, you haven't had a pyschotic break in over 3 months. This has been a success, welcome back to the real world Artimis." Dr. Chandler stated with obvious enjoyment. Raven screamed from the back of the room "HE'S LIEING TO YOU!" Artimis dumbfounded didn't register this from Raven. "You...You..You mean i actually get to leave this place and go to my family?" "Yes Artimis." "I can't belive it! I thought i would never get out of this place!" Artimis screamed jumping up and down in his cell. Dr. Chandler fumbled for the keys and unlocked the door. Artimis strolled out, Unfortunately for Raven he go stuck behind the bars. Shaking the door with all his might Raven screamed bloody murder. How Artimis would never be fine. How he would never be anything without him. As Artimis walked away smug with a smirk on his face, he heard Raven scream for one more final time. "I will be back to get you in this place again! Count on it!". The ominous message didn't affect Artimis. He was too high on the fact that he was getting out of this hell hole. Out. It had a nice ring to it in Artimis' head. Also the fact that everything was quiet now was an added bonus. Soon he would see his family and all would be fine for ever. He would never come back to this place again, he was cured.