• At 8:10 on Wednesday the 22nd, my whole class gathered and said a prayer, and then we were off.

    We got there at around 8:40, we picked our beds, and then we were off to play games that encouraged teamwork.

    During the first game, our chaperone, Drew, had us play a name game. After that, we tossed around a stuffed giraffe and introduced ourselves to it. Then, we had to toss him around in the exact same order, and then we had to cut the speed in half, and then we had to do it in less than a second.

    In the second game, Drew, told us that we were pirates who had holes in our boat and we also didn't have any rope for our mast (which was just a tree). We had a raft that would get one person across to the other pirates' boat, and then sink. We sent my friend, Kennedy, across and had her throw the rope from their mast (tree) across. We wrapped it around our mast (tree) and then I tried to climb across, but it didn't work, so we threw the rest of the rope to Kennedy, so that she could wrap it around the other mast (tree). That created a foot rope and a hand rope so that we could climb across more easily. Before you could cross, you had to give the other chaperone, Jacob, a high five, so that he knew you were crossing, and could make sure that you were safe when you crossed. One of the girls, Natalie (R.I.P.), didn't give him a high five, and this was no ordinary ocean; it was messed up, so when she hurried across, she "splashed some water onto two of the boys, melting their arms together." (they were tied together with a hankerchief) but we all got across eventually.

    In the third game, we changed to ninjas and we had to break into the other ninjas' dojo and steal back some scrolls from them. The whole floor was pressure-sensitive, and if we landed on the six special pressure sensitive pads that would turn off the security system, and we would be okay. Someone was talking, so one of us got blinded by a flaming arrow. The blindfolded girl then proceeded to touch the floor, so we had to start over again. The next time that she went, she knocked one of the boys several yards away from the pads. Eventually, however, we all made it over.