• I was feeling down. Unloved and void of sound. I went to my doctor. My doctor has a spark of unreliability. Going to him was such silly of me. But my urge to cure was stronger, this feeling of low. This feeling needs to go. I said to him, 'Please make me well.' He said to me, 'Do not fret, young girl, you're recovery I do foretell.' He took me aside and poked and prodded. He asked me if it hurt and I just nodded. 'Girl,' he said,'I'm afraid you have something serious. You're wallowing in gloom, and darkness.' I was appalled to find myself in this situation, I couldn't contain my frustration. My head was on vacation, to some dark and gloomy creation? This news was not for celebration, in fact I wanted more information. 'Doctor,' I asked with some hesitation, 'What will cure this devastation?' He looked at me with hallow eyes, 'Take these, and it will clear your skies.'

    He gave me a bottle of orange and white. He told me to take one each and every night. And on the bottle the words reside 'Sunshine Love Pills- Clearing your skies.'

    Every morning I would wake with absurd happiness and only love, never hate. I was feeling so high, no longer down or low. I felt on top of the world, hearing sounds I've never heard before. I'd never care if I was loved, I only cares about giving it. My Sunshine Love Pills I took more and more.

    The more I took the more indestructible I felt. I'd see wonderful things, and speak my mind. I could help but love this happiness I did find.

    But a few hours later, I came down to a crash. To the toilet I ran, faster than fast. My lunch was reborn all over the place, I could only wonder what the expression looked like on my face.

    To the doctor I flew! On more pills than a few. My Sunshine was all but Love and these Pills were such a perfect brew. I hugged random strangers and gave them pockets of purple sand. I sat on bright blue eyeballs and admired the walls of swirling green. The doctors hair was on fire and when I asked for more pills he said 'It's only been two days. You're out already?' And for some reason I couldn't stand steady, swaying and marching in place. The doctor looked at me with his bright pink face, he said 'No more Sunshine Love Pills for you!'

    Hunched over a potted plant, more and more I blew up such chunks of stomach acid and once-hot dogs. I fell over and shut my eyes. Somehow I knew I was floating toward the light.