• I remember something; something important to these journals, or not it depends on how this war plays out in the end. When Dust and I left district 21 we stopped by my house to get a few things, I checked in my desk for a map, and a list. But found they weren’t there, so well I write this I told Dust to go back in time to find this journal in my desk with the map, and list, I only pray she is successful, because this war is playing out to be one nasty blood bath. So Kite I need you to do everything I didn’t.
    I don’t know how to write this other then writing it all out for you, so here it is:
    - Kite Runner

    “Hey Dust! Where is my map of Welcome Home?” I yelled as I searched through the desk, in search for a map, and list of bounty hunters, assassins, and the two men that play the biggest role in the war Alaster, and Asher. At the time even they didn’t know it.
    “Kite they are in the desk.” Dust said as she started packing everything we needed in a backpack. “Kite what about your knife?”
    “Both please… but I’m telling you they aren’t here” I said as I finally gave up and went to the window and looked out-

    Timothy looked up and there he was Kite, staring out of the window. ‘Weird’ He looked back to the little book.

    “ Kite its not here lets go! I hear someone in the front.” Dust yelled as I turned out of the window and back into the room and closed the door to our room. “Dust the window, out the window now! Were going to D19!”

    “Are you ******** serious!” Timothy muttered under his breath, he had just enough time to roll out of the way and behind a rock, he breathed and peeked his eye out, seeing Kite and Dust hitting the ground then seeing Dust disappear, then Kite looked right at him, or so it looked, because the next second He was gone and Timothy running after them.