• Heaven and Hell Unite

    “What do you mean, you’re not going to homecoming!?”
    “You know exactly what I mean, Travis. I don’t feel the need to expose myself in a ridiculous manner. You of all people should know I’m allergic to frills and glitter.”
    Charlotte “Chuck” Bixley never was one for girly fashion. Ever since she started maturing, she wore vintage “emo kid wear” that was at least two sizes too big. People thought she was overweight, and she liked it that way. The only one that ever saw her true body was her best friend, Travis. The two had been best friends since sixth grade and she was to first to know he was gay. Everyday he nagged to her about actually looking like a girl, but his methods of persuasion never worked.
    “Chuck, have you never seen the way Skylar Mc effin’ Sexy looks at you? He totally wants to ask you out!”
    She curled her lip up in disgust. “I can’t stand people like him. He and his friends are the dark-er side of the Force!”
    There are two grops of “emo/scenesters/hipsters” in East River High: Chuck’s friends and Skylar’s friends. The people Chuck associated with wore their parents old Led Zepplin and Megallica tee’s. Most of them had good grades and although there was the occasional stoner among them, they were all-together good kids. Skylar’s group, on the other hand, was just plain wild. They were Hot Topic whores and partying sex addicts with LSD addictions. She couldn’t think of one of them without a bad rep or some form of body piercing. She secretly thought that Skylar’s naturally black hair and vibrant, blue eyes were attractive and his lower lip ring made him look distinguished, but his arrogant, daredevil-ish ways was a complete turn-off.
    “Besides, Trav,” she sighed. I’m like, the only girl in this school he hasn’t hooked up with, and I plan to keep it that way.”
    She heard Travis huff and he was quiet for a few minutes. Eventually seeing her house in view, Chuck looked over at Travis. He was slouched over, having a staring contest with the sidewalk, his last method of getting Chuck to cave in under the pressure of guilt.
    “Look, Trav,” she sighed. “If he’s so ‘effin’ Sexy,’ why don’t you ask him to homecoming?”
    “Because he doesn’t bat for my team.” he mumbled.
    Chuck smiled and rolled her eyes. Even when Trav was acting angst, he always managed to have a good sense of humor.
    Charlotte said goodbye to Travis and went into her home. Upon opening the door, she smelt her brother Nick’s infamous cooking. It was just the two of them at home. Their dad was never around and after their mom died two years ago, Nick inherited the house and was able to claim guardianship over his baby sister. He turned around upon hearing the door close and smiled at his sister. “Hey, Chuck,” he chimed. “Dinner will be done in about a half an hour. I’m having a friend come over, so can you set the table?”
    Chuck smiled, picking up the plates. “What’s her name?”
    Chuck heard her brother pause for a moment. “Sarah,” he said slowly. “How’d you know I invited a girl?”
    “The only time you invite guys over is on Football Sunday. That, and the table is only ever used for special occasions. Dinner in front of the T.V. was always your thing.”
    “Well, we can still watch T.V.,” he countered. He swerved around the television that was on the island separating the kitchen and the dining room and turned on the news.
    Chuck didn’t pay much attention to the white noise while setting the table, that is, until she heard CCB’s “Breaking News” jingle.
    “This just in,” started the anchorwoman. “An Islamic family was found in Middleview Township, murdered right outside of their home.”
    Chuck looked at the television and saw the scene of the crime, her eyes widening as the scene set into her brain. The murder was only two blocks away from her home, along the route she walks home from school. She wondered how she didn’t hear any screaming since she walked by there no more than ten minutes ago, but didn’t spend too much time pondering it and made a quick beeline for the door, Nick right behind her.
    Upon approaching the house, she found the murder to be true. There in the driveway was the Kadjir family, two of the kids in her very own grade. Unable to scream, Chuck turned towards the reporter, who was interviewing Sheriff Daleston.
    “As you can see,” he started, his whiskers moving with each word. “On the side of the garage is a pentagram with a cross in the middle. We’re not exactly sure what this means, but we’re pretty sure this was a hate crime against Israelis. Based on an eye witness report, we believe the killer to be a young, tall male with short, black ha-,”
    “Hey.” a voice behind Chuck whispered. With a gasp, she quickly turned to see Skylar. Instantly, her mind was racing. Young, tall man, black hair…but he had long hair for a boy. He couldn’t be the killer…could he?”
    “Hey!” he said more sternly. He pointed to his face” My eyes are here, not, well, wherever you’re looking.”
    “Oh,” she sighed. “Sorry.”
    Skylar looked at her with questioning eyes, but continued talking. “Homecoming’s coming up pretty quick,” he started. “You planning on going?”
    “Oh, um, maybe.” Chuck stumbled. “Probably not.”
    “That’s too bad. I was planning on going with you. But, since you’re not going…-”
    “I’ll go with you.” Chuck didn’t know what compelled her to accept, but she couldn’t stop. “I wasn’t going originally, but since you asked-,”
    “Good.” Skylar smiled an intense smile. “I’ll pick you up at seven next Friday.” He began walking away, but stopped after crossing the street. “Hey, Chuck,” he called. “Why don’t you go by your actual name?”
    “Oh, I always thought it was too girly.”
    Skylar smiled at her thoughtfully. “You should try girly sometime,” he said softly. “I think you could pull it off.”
    Chuck quickly turned around and walked to her house at a fast pace upon feeling the blood rush to her face. She never blushed before when he tried talking to her. Why was now any different?