• i am just a kid.

    and i think, i am trying to be more, i think i have to be older to have a life. but for gods sake, im 15, im expected to screw up, im supposed to be stupid and have fun. to laugh the night away. get in trouble, love all i can. and b a frikin kid. but thats not ever good enuf anymore, for anyone. i have to be, sweet, polite, unemotional, i have to be an "adult" i hate that word. bcuz adults are kids that have grown up and dont know anymore, i know alot of adults, and not ONE understands me. i know a lot of KIDS, and they dont get it either, its a certain level of maturity of being a kid, where you know how to have fun, but your being. smart about it, without being a adult....but yet. im still growing up. and i make mistakes, i trip, i spill things, i ruin things, its not like i do all this "evil" stuff on purpose, it happens okay? dnt get all upset about an object. a person is more value than a lowly object. i know I am. and im sick of being treated like an adult, but cant do anything bcuz im a kid. i want to be treated like a teenager, i either get treated like an adult, but i can only be a kid, or i get treated like a kid, and cnt do anything like a teenager. i want to be treated with respect too. im not just a kid. i am a human being with FEELINGS!. i want to be heard. i want an opinion on things that will change not only YOUR life, but MY life too. i want to be free. i want to do things most other NORMAL teens can do. not just sit at home, i want to be a frikin teen. not a little kid/adult. im in between. for goodness sakes.