• a modern romance

    written by: Frontierhero &

    Issac sighed as he collapsed onto his bed they had just finished moving into there new house
    yesterday but there was still plenty of work to do. He stared up at his ceiling he was glad to be back
    at his home town"Issac get down here mom wants you to move the fridge" his little sister Mimi who
    was 15 shouted upstairs "oh come on we moved it 4 time's" Issac said as he sighed and got out of
    bed and walked downstairs to help move it for the 5th time. "and when you're done with that Issac i
    need you to go to the store and get some things" his mother said as he moved it. "Can i take the
    camero" he asked. His mother sighed "fine just don't get it scratched" she said as he put the fridge
    down in it's new spot" thanks mom be back soon" he said and kissed her cheek grabbing the keys
    he walked out to the driveway and climbed into the car. He turned on the ignition and drove off down
    the road he loved being home. He rolled down the windows to let the cool summer air in as he drove
    to the market. Mia sat in her backyard reclined in a lawn chair while she read a book. She let out a
    sigh as she started to get bored just sitting there. Her book closed with a loud thud before she
    grabbed her cell phone and went inside. "Hey mom." She said, taking her sunglasses off of her face.
    "Hey sweetie." She replied as she prepared dinner. Her mother walked over to the fridge, opening it.
    "Oh geeze. Mia sweetie, can you please get some salad dressing from the store for me. I don't want
    to burn any of the food." She said. Mia laughed, shaking her head. "You always forget something, don't
    you?" She teased as she grabbed the keys. "I will be right back."
    "Thank you Mia!" Her mother called out just in time before the door closed. Mia got into the car and
    popped in her favorite cd, Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick. She placed her sunglasses back on and
    headed to the store. Issac pulled into the parking lot of the market and parked his car he climbed out
    and stretched looking up at the bright sky "god damn im so glad to be home" he said. He walked over
    and into the air conditioned market he didn't need much so he just grabbed a hand basket and started
    walking down the aisle's grabbing what he needed. Then he thought he might make a salad so he
    went to get some dressing.
    Mia parked in the parking lot and hopped out of her car, locking the doors behind her. She walked into
    the market and took her glasses off, hanging them on her shirt. Mia ran a hand through her hair as
    she walked towards the salad dressing. "Damnit, she didn't tell me what kind." Mia said under her
    breath. She sighed and looked down at all the options, trying to think of what her mother would want.
    Issac walked down the aisle and stopped next to the girl he looked over at her and smiled softly
    "she is kinda cute and something seems familiar about her" he thought he turned back to the shelf and
    reached over to grab a bottle of strawberry vinaigrette Mia said, heading out the door. Mia grabbed
    italian and ranch, figuring they would have to do. She turned to leave the aisle but looked up,
    seeing Issac. She smiled politely and began walking past him but stopped and turned around.
    "He looks way too familiar...I know him fro-ISSAC!" She thought as she smiled.
    "Oh my god, you're back?" She asked softly as she walked towards him with a smile.
    She laughed some, almost not believing that this was happening. "You're here!" She exclaimed,
    still laughing. Issac turned to her "im sorry do i know you" he asked he looked at this girl coming
    towards her and looked her up and down "wait a second i do know you Mia sharkey is that you"
    he asked smiling. mia smiled and laughed. "Come here Issac." She said, pulling him into a hug.
    "You're back...I can't believe you're here!" She said happily, hugging him tight. Issac hugged her
    back lifting her off the ground "i told you i would come back mia" he said spinning her he softly put
    her down "how have you been mia.......just look at you your all grown up you have become a very
    lovely woman" he said looking at her. Mia blushed softly as she smiled over at him.
    "Awww, you're still an adorable sweetheart." She said happily. "I've been good! How about you?
    You've done some growing yourself sir." She said, looking up at him. "I used to be taller than you."
    She said laughing softly. "i have been great been keeping up with my photography got into a
    magazine you know i also been getting better at baking so we don't have an exploding chocolate
    cake like at your 9th birthday" he said laughing "oh i miss those days we where inseparable as kids
    we did everything with each other" he said."That's awesome! Congratulations Issac!" Mia said with
    a smile. "Speaking of my birthday, it's my 18th tomorrow." She said happily. "I'm having a big pool
    party. I know I'm 18, but there will be a moon bounce there." She said laughing some. "You have to
    come. What would my 18th party be without my childhood lover?" She begged, wrapping an arm
    around his upper arm. "i would never miss your birthday mia" he said he blushed slightly hearing
    her mention them as lover's "where just friends though now" he said Issac smiled as his phone
    rang he took it out of his pocket "hello........yeah im almost done..............yes i know i should have been
    back by now i just ran into an old friend........it's mia........yeah ok hold on" issac said he held his
    phone out "my mom wants to say hi" he said. Mia smiled as she listened to him speak with his
    mother, knowing that she would probably be getting the same call soon. "Awww."
    Mia replied as she grabbed her phone, holding it up to her ear. "Hey, how are you?" Mia asked.
    "I have been fine mia honey how have you been" his mother asked as she
    unpacked some dishes from a box. Issac walked over and grabbed the dressing he wanted
    sticking it into his basket. "That's good. I've been very well myself. Tomorrow is my 18th birthday.
    You all should stop by. I know my mom will be dying to see you again." Mia said as she watched
    Issac with a smile. "that sounds great i will make sure to stop by love you mia honey may i speak to
    my son please" she asked. Issac walked over to her and smiled. "Love you too. Yes, he is right here.
    " Mia replied and handed Issac his phone. "You're mom is so sweet." She said softly. "well you got
    to remember my mom helped raise you youre like her other daughter" he said softly he put the
    phone to his ear "hey mom.........yup be home soon......yup well of course im going to buy her a
    birthday present.......no i will not stick mimi's name on it.........ok fine bye mom" he said hanging his
    phone up. "i got to go now mia but it was great seeing you he said "oh before i forget" he said he
    took out a sharpie and took her hand and wrote his cell number "call me ok" he said with a smile and
    went and payed for his groceries. then went out and put them in his car and drove out of the parking
    lot and down the road. Mia smiled as she looked down at her hand. She looked back up at him and
    waved good bye. "See you tomorrow." She called out. Mia purchased her mom's salad dressing
    and then drove home. She placed the bottle on the counter and smiled at her mother. "Well why
    are you so happy?" Her mother asked, picking up the bottles. "Issac is back!" She said, showing
    her mother the number on her hand. "What?" Her mom asked, putting the bottles down with a smile.
    "Yeah, I know!" Mia said happily. Issac pulled up to a jewelery store he had to get her something
    special something meaningful he decided on the twin gold heart with diamond stud necklace
    he paid the whopping 750 dollar bill and walked out a big smile on his face he got back into the
    car and drove home. He brought the grocery's inside putting them on the table and when his mother
    turned to thank him he was gone he ran upstairs and opened a drawer on his desk and put the
    wrapped jewelery box in it before closing it and plopping on his bed he couldn't believe he found mia.
    and there was no denying it he still had feelings for her. Mia was full of smiles for the rest of the night,
    mainly because of Issac. She was almost too excited to go to bed. As she lie in her room, she looked
    out the window thinking about all the good times she had with Issac. They literally could not be
    separated. She smiled to herself before she fell asleep. Issac sat at his desk starring down at the
    blank card that came with the necklace what should he write. he still had feelings for her so he wanted
    to tell her but how then he got an idea. and quickly wrote down "Meeting you was fate, becoming your
    friend was choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control. Love you always
    Issac". He smiled and stuck the card into the desk and walked over and climbed into bed. He couldn't
    wait for tomorrow he closed his eye's and drifted to sleep. End chapter 1