• The Poor and The Rich

    “Open your eyes and look through the world in the eyes of the poor, You see that they struggle to pay for their bills. And buy food for their family. Some live in a world were they don’t have a home but live in a alley way or on a bench in a park. Do you think that they live a happy life? Well do you?”
    “Now look through the eyes of the rich in their world. They have everything they ever wanted, Some are to miserable because they don’t really have friends. The families fall apart because they barely spend time together as a real family. Isn’t that really sad. The rich always so busy and they can act so cold to one another too, It is so harsh…”
    “Your back to your real self with a few tears coming down your cheeks. You see people treat each other so differently. Some treat each other so badly that they hate each other. Look some people do share and help each other through problems. Half the rich help the poor. The poor shows friendship and help show tricks to help out with things. But I’m only going to tell you once. That the poor and the rich are people. If people are people then they should treat each other with respect!!!”
    “There was a family I know that made an organization. The organization was called ”Cooh” Which means ‘Children Organization Of Hope’. The family loves to help out with the Orphanages and the poor. The Cooh helped by donating money and can foods to help the poor and the children. The family has donated over two million dollars to the orphanage. The family donated food to the poor that live in a church and all the other poor ones that come to the church to eat .”
    “A lot of things can change the world to be a better place. You know how people donate foods ,water , clothes, and other stuff so they can go over seas to the kids that had nothing. I love that part very much. Almost every celebrity goes over to Africa and other countries to help out with the children there. Hmmm lets see… Oh yes! I know that right now in a room there are people writing songs to make some people happy or become stronger and hopeful for the future..”
    As she look up from her report she saw her classmates had tears in there eyes. They started clapping since she was done reading her report right now. She had more to read but she knew other people have to read their report to the class as well. She sat back down in her seat and let other students read their reports. Some were about hunger or their family problems. Some reports were about abusive people or cancer and other problems in the world.
    The lonely days she spent by herself. No friends or family and no home. Her name was Alice. Alice lives in a orphanage and she came from the other side of the earth which means she is from India.. She had lost her family when she was about five years old. There was a war or something like that through the village. People from the United States had saved her and brought her back to the US. Alice was grateful that she was saved from the loneliness. She didn’t know that she would go to an orphanage and be alone. She was teased and picked on because she was different from the others.
    Alice always had trouble concentrating in school because of the kids at the orphanage. She would always go to the park and sit under a tree and think of calming things. She would sit there for hours if she could. Alice had this wonderful imagination that no one knew about. One day Alice had pass by a house were there was a little girl crying and holding her head like she was in deep pain. Alice had stopped to ask what was wrong and the little girl said that she felt light headed and she was very hungry. Alice reached into backpack and pulled out an apple and gave it to the girl. It was the only thing Alice was given for her lunch but she knew that it was better to give to the girl instead of eating it instead. Things were going good for her once she had given the girl her apple. There was a girl in her class that saw her with no lunch and she shared it with Alice. Everyone was surprised but the person who was the most surprised was Alice. The girl that shared her lunch was Ammie her family own this great big organization to be the foreign kids get to know their new life.

    To be continued.......