• 1. One thing for sure, I thought bats were beautiful creatures,that catches blood sucking flies which is important. Well they are bunch of harmless creatures that do that. If we kill those blood sucking flies by machines, then bats were dying out because of global warming. Even my mother thought those are scary. Well one of the staff members were scared of those things.

    2. Black is one of my favorite colors. Even you see me, I wear mostly black because it's a romantic color even to my respective. Even people make me say yuck to the color black. So I decided go to my instincts. To make other people see the difference between color. It's really ridiculous. How other people make other people in their own normal boring way. So yes.

    3. My hair turns black in underwater. Unbelievable and magical hat my hair turns black in the water, soaking wet . Well because it's was amazing. So many reasons why, my natural hair color is super dark brown. Well I actually born with that color. My hair is magical when it turns black.

    4. I am creative person with lots of hobbies. Oh dear.