• Driving down the road anger boiling over
    the rush of hatred going up and down his veins
    The tingle of Adrenaline runs up his neck
    This black feeling is now consuming him
    His foot pushes the pedal to the floor
    Passing cars are now blurs in his mind
    The only thing he sees are lights through
    His sweat and tears
    The pain of Being hurt consumes him even more
    He's starting to get reckless
    His driving is getting out of control
    he stares at his phone and screams out the pain
    Screams out the frustration from within
    The sirens is getting closer but he doesnt care
    All he sees is read and black from the Pain and Hate
    The sirens get closer Destined to make him stop
    All he can do is stare at his phone
    Think of those last few words that they had exchanged
    Those last few words
    He is done
    He's reached his limit
    His hate has finally taken over
    Through the tears He starts to laugh
    An evil laugh
    The laugh of final insanity lost
    He's no longer there
    He's gone
    Whats left of that shell is even worst
    It's sick and twisted with no remorse
    So this new creature makes it first stand
    While he makes his last
    As the Smiling creature takes the car off the Ravine