• Don't Blink

    You watch your babies,

    You know the promise and maybes.

    They grow up so fast,

    But you want the memories to last.

    So don't blink once,

    You must see all the months.

    You must remember all,

    All the stories short and tall.

    They are one right now,

    They grow old and how.

    How do they stay so cute,

    After sliding down the laundry shoot.

    They are six today,

    On their way.

    Their first day of school,

    Right now they think that's cool.

    Today they turn eleven,

    And they just awoke at seven.

    They had to see the presents,

    The toys, the chocolates, and pleasant.

    Today they are sixteen,

    Sweet yet spicy; Kind yet mean.

    They start to date,

    Another link on the growing gate.

    They just turned twenty-one,

    Now here comes all the fun.

    They can drink and party,

    Time to worry when they are tardy.

    They grow so old with each blink,

    Just something not to think.

    They grow so quick,

    You can't stop them even if you pick.

    Let them live while they can,

    But be there for them and have plan.

    Soon will come the next link,

    Just remember, don't blink.