• Tears roll down my cheek
    Thinking of the bad times
    There’s no helping it

    I live a life of tragedy
    I live a life full of hopelessness
    I live a life full of worry

    What is my reason to live?
    What is my purpose on this planet?
    What is wrong with me?

    What is wrong with this world?
    What happened to the good old times?
    What is the meaning of life?

    Why are people so cruel?
    Why are people so mysterious?
    Why are people so devious?

    Why are there wars?
    Can’t we just get along?
    And set aside our differences?

    Can you not see through the glass
    That stands between you and I?
    It’s right in front of you.

    Opening your eyes
    And seeing the world
    Would really help

    Why must you hurt me?
    Why must you leave me?
    Why must you be so cruel?

    We just need to realize
    What is hidden beneath
    Our skins.

    Nobody is same
    Nobody is sane
    Everybody feels pain

    People need to pull together
    And stop all the nonsense
    And live life happily
    In peace.

    No tragedy
    No hopelessness
    No worries

    But is that ever possible?
    In this messed up world

    I still don’t understand