• Come little dragonfly,
    fly us back to the narrow dell.
    A place we once knew well;
    the place we once called Home.

    Take me upon your lacy wings,
    whisk me away from this Hell,
    of desolate ice and snowy knell,
    and back to where we are loved.

    Harken not your stormy fury,
    when I ask this humble query:
    Will you show me to the Island?
    Our verdant and green abode.

    As the days go on, I grow in fear;
    what if our paths never cross again,
    who will show me the way back then?
    Back to my emerald of the sea.

    I can still smell the dewy breeze.
    I can still taste the salty waters.
    Then, as I dream, I can touch the land,
    hold it in my grasp, and feel its life.

    Oh blessed creature of the Winds
    summon yet your mighty storm.
    Obliterate this cursed existence,
    and tear us back to the home of true Uminchu.