• Steve was a man who lived strong

    A man with a famliy

    A man with a spirit

    A man with a wife

    2 daughters

    3 sons

    9 grandchildren

    And 50 years of living

    He was a nobel man

    Compassion was in his eyes

    Love was his language

    He couldn't bear be apart from his family

    He didn't stop working for a flu or cold

    He didn't stop living

    Until that dreaded night

    He was 50

    Old a Brave

    Drank to much


    And had a massive heart attack

    We survive

    We greive

    We love papa steve


    December 16 1920 - October 7 2007

    It was last year I Know but, I still was greiveing over his death, and I just had to share it. I love him and miss him terribly.