• The way I think of it, everyone is capable of painting the one they love. But I wonder, I wonder about those who cannot. What does that make them?

    The heart, the very heart of soul is the key. But what is the door? A blind struggle through the dark, yet the light is never shone until the end. Learning comes to those who can paint, can paint the one they love.

    Some may ask, “what is the point of the struggle, if the light shall still be shone?” The answer is the question. A light never shone is a light ever shone. A frame of the mind is the frame of the painting, the painting of the one they love.

    How much has it cost, cost the cracks in their hearts to love? How much to fall into the icy depths of the chasm of loss? It was the despair, the despair which crushed the painting of the one they love.

    The stars in their eyes as they find the truth, the truth of hope. They can see it in each other's eyes, the glow of the heart. It is of the wonderful idea that, somehow, something beautiful has happened. The realization, the discovery of the painting, the painting of the one they love.