• I might not have liked all that you would say,
    But I did believe, I did obey...
    ...Until that heartrending, fateful day.
    When Santa died.

    Now I mark the end of child years
    With hurt confusion and broken tears,
    Along new, darker paths of lonely fears.
    Because you lied.

    You said Santa Claus was so, you see,
    When you knew in truth it not to be.
    I wondered how else you fibbed to me,
    A truth denied.

    There's nothing worse than a trust betrayed,
    To have an important 'fact' defrayed...
    A foundation of your world unmade.
    And so I cried.

    Why must childhood so cruelly end?
    It can't be the right message to send,
    To show how well truth can mold and bend!
    My pain aside.

    How could you wonder that I would rebel?
    I dragged us into a raging hell
    That no soothing word could ever quell.
    Parents defied.

    Christmas still became a special time
    To feel family's warmth, hear carols chime.
    But behind the laugh, in quiet rhyme,
    It hurts inside.