• I peered back once, and all that I saw was her face

    Crying, my demons relentlessly haunt me.

    My dreams laughing at mistakes, screeching "you pathetic disgrace!"

    deriving no pleasure from earthly gain, all I seek is a love so free

    haunting visions calling me back, to bloody my soul forever.

    without someone next to me, life is a cycle of torment and pain,

    My heart begins to fade and weak connections sever,

    these nightmares that attack my every rest, an immortal disdain,

    Cryptic answers, and all out lies, are all I get from my mind,

    tricking me surely, and breaking me slowly, I'll never get away,

    from these pitiful hopes and wishes I will never find,

    for each crushed memory is a hellish price to pay,

    Eyes so very dry, from the years of desolation,

    writhing and shaking, I can't cry any more,

    awaiting the inevitable desperate termination,

    for just another wasted human whore,

    Sickening thoughts flash, my future is in their hands,

    but all the roads lead to the same gate,

    after all the illusions have left, one truth still stands,

    to die alone is my ultimate fate....