• HAH! He would say, as the pain came each day
    As each moment would pass beyond him
    That Little Boy Raymond would find games to play
    To keep all his friends from crying.
    The kind and the gentle, funny and the wise
    He brought sunny days to their wonderland lives
    Who on this Earth could take him away?
    To destroy all of those bright and shining days
    By morals a god, but one in denial
    Because death doesn’t stop at the sight of a smile.

    It was shining that day in the faces of time
    But was the one little spark of the flame
    That Little Boy Raymond peered out at the day
    And he said “it is going to rain.”
    The day pressed on as the clouds disappeared
    But as each moment passed
    All the more he did fear
    The shadow that he had shared all around
    Would soon disappear behind the clouds
    And he be shrouded in darkness.

    Each second traversed through the passage of time
    As the darkness absorbed the sun
    But as these moments would pass them all by
    The engine was beginning to run
    Wishes would tell that the pain that was felt
    Was the prelude to tender creation
    Of the once known friend of the monstrous trend
    That was sown with incredible patients.

    One more song he would sing that day
    As the beautiful wonderland continued to play
    Feeling the passage of his constant beat
    As the sound of his cold and naked feet
    Ceaselessly drumming away from the crowd
    Steadily closer to his last living pound
    The long waited voyage through the crust of the Earth
    The vibrations danced through the sand
    And revolved through the dust and the dirt.

    His one last song, as the beats passed him by
    And the sound of his feet subsided
    All those around him began to cry
    As he lay there slowly dying
    Humming himself his last farewell
    As the tone of the story begins to tell
    The prelude to the most guarded fear
    As death approached him far too near.
    So here he lay, in this wonderland’s bed
    With his metal machines attached to his head
    His shadow was now beginning to spread

    The children continued to play that day
    As the rain washed all the pain away
    The tap of their feet marching cold on the ground
    Would travel the Earth with the speed of the sound
    Of That poor Little Raymond’s last caring tone
    Of the beeping beside him that sang his last note.