• An empty promise made..
    Is a promise not kept...
    Just like the promises we gave..
    Before we both got hurt,gave up and left..

    You promised me it wouldn't end...
    And I promised that I would stay..
    But those empty promises were forgotten..
    When we went our separate ways...

    Do you remember them too?
    The way we said them,and the way we believed...
    And the way we both cried..
    When we both felt deceived...

    So many promises we made...
    Yet none were made true..
    I should have just kept my mind closed..
    Instead of believing in you..

    And as I lay in bed at night..
    And count the tears rolling down from my cheek..
    I remember those things you've said but never done..
    And how they have made me weak,..

    But now I've learned my lesson..
    To just let petty words pass through my ears..
    So that I'll never again go through..
    The pain that I now greatly fear..

    It's not the pain of abandonment..
    No, not the pain from goodbyes..
    I fear the pain I felt from your empty promises..
    Which,in truth, turned out to be....A web of shallow lies..