• Sitting in the darkness
    Numb all over
    Watching the blood seep from my wrist
    Slowly waiting for death to come

    I Wonder if you ever loved me
    If any of it was ever real.
    Or if it was all a game and if you really are an ice king.

    I thought it was different
    I believed the lies that you told me
    and then when you left me
    I hid my pain and i've gone on

    But i can go on no longer.
    At school i sit in class and listen as the teacher talks but
    none of it really seems to reigster None of it really matters
    And i find myself constanly drawing your name.

    You wrote your name in my heart and there it will forever stay.
    No matter what you did.
    I cant force myself to stop loving you.

    So finally
    This pain has become unbearable and now as i sit here
    alone and waiting for the darkness to come
    I hear your voice calling to me.

    Yet its not real
    You never cared

    Yet that really is you.
    As the darkness begins to close in
    I see you standing in the doorway
    My heart begins to quicken as my eyes begin to slide closed

    I reach for you but you tell me this was my journey and now its over
    You told me I had to pay the price for my love.
    and im either gonna sink or swim.

    Suddenly the blackness enfolds me into its embrace
    and your gone forever and you never knew the pain i felt.