• You only miss me when I'm gone.
    You only care when I'm not around.
    You're always a little too late with your efforts.
    It's a shame to waste what we have,
    but wasting it you are.

    The spontaneity we had for a while,
    well, that made me smile.
    Laying in your bed, under your covers,
    undiscovered romance.
    I would never have left.
    If only you didn't have someone else to go to,

    You treat her like your star.
    Give her everything I always wanted.
    You never treated me like you should,
    like I know you could.
    You're everything I always wanted,
    but you took it all for granted.
    I would have done anything for you.

    I know that nothing will ever be the same.
    But even so, I still foolishly hope
    for that one night under the stars to happen again.
    To feel like I did back then.
    To be swept up in your arms
    and taken away from this place.
    Where nightmares become reality
    and heartache normality.

    I wish I didn't love you.
    I don't know why I do.
    You're a liar
    and a cheat
    and a heartbreaker
    and I can do better.

    I hope you know,
    you've lost something you'll never have again.
    A congratulations is in order
    lets make a toast to the loser
    me or you?