• I am born.
    I am now a sprout.
    Once i was a seed,
    underneath the ground.
    my father gives me rain,
    my mother gives me sunlight.
    As i become older & older,
    i’ll reach a certain height.
    Suddenly the rain stops pouring,
    the sun is shining bright.
    I must hope i won’t get squashed,
    by all the kids playing outside.
    The weather is very dry,
    and so are my leaves.
    Humans are taking my flowers,
    those irritating thieves.
    As i absorb the rain,
    my leaves fall down.
    if i’m not careful enough,
    i might just drown.
    My branches feel strange,
    now that they are naked.
    I don’t like this weather,
    in fact, i hate it.
    Snow is falling down,
    and people are playing outside.
    At least they have a shelter,
    i don’t have a place to hide.
    I envy and love them at the same time,
    you see…
    cause at the end of the day,
    they’re people and i’m just a tree…