• I'm lost inside, struggling between your world and mine

    I am nothing without your love.

    So insecure, so weak, for your love i am struggling.

    My heart is empty and hollow, I've lost all sense of emotion without you.

    My spirit starts to crumble and I'm left in solitude.

    I believe your embrace is sane enough for me to take hold

    I hide my lies as your embrace washes my agony away.

    I'm falling down where I lose all that I am

    I surrender to my childish fears... For i cannot overcome them all.

    I'm dying to find a reason to hold on.

    I let go.

    will I keep falling?

    Will I end?

    I must find a place to lay down, for i have lost the will to live

    As darkness breathes in the remaining light, I am swallowed up in darkness and death.