• I was only 5 years old
    But it feels like yesterday
    When I met you
    On that first monday

    Even though I was little
    I knew I loved you
    And I guess through out the years
    You finally realized that too

    We were never really close
    And yet you were always there
    Even if I don't remember
    You did actually care

    But then 7th grade struck us
    And we two fell in love
    Now I know who I'll
    Always be dreaming of

    Before I didn't think
    We'd ever be like this
    But now, in the present
    You're the only one I miss

    You make me smile
    And make my heart race
    You bring out the best side of me
    And all the sadness, you erase

    I can't imagine
    Not meeting you that kindergarden day
    Through all the time we've spent
    And not feeling this way

    You're the guy who holds my heart
    Even when it's about to break
    You stole away my breath
    And are the frosting on my cake