• Hey,
    How are you?
    Even though i know the answer,
    I can't help but to ask.
    I wish to convey that Im concerned...
    Is it showing through?

    You're so quiet,
    Your usual number of facial expressions...
    suddenly saddened,
    As is broken under a strain.
    I see it in your eyes too,
    Even when you smile.

    That same smile portrays a wall between you
    and the world,
    A deceitful perception to a vital few.
    Can they see you?

    She broke every aspect of your body and mind,
    Yet... you still envelop yourself around her.
    Leaving everything you once stood for behind,
    Throwing everything you once told me to be when i was in the same position.
    Im taken aback by your lies.
    You were once so truthful.
    I know you'll never return...
    so goodbye.